Tamir Rice’s Mother Explains Why She’s Disappointed in LeBron James

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamir Rice’s murder has been a tough pill for the black community to swallow because it’s yet another example of police brutality, and sadly the slain child won’t get any justice.

Since the tragedy took place in Cleveland, some were hoping Cavaliers star LeBron James would sit out to bring awareness to the injustice.

But LeBron told reporters he hasn’t done enough research on the situation to make that call.

Well Tamir Rice’s mother is disappointed in the athlete.

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  1. This whole situation makes me mad as sh-t. But let’s be real. What would Lebron sitting out do? Would it put those pigs in jail for killing a child? Hell no. It won’t change sh-t. Marching didn’t even change sh-t. And that’s the real problem.

  2. I knew this would happen. LeBron is in a tough position because his team ain’t ish without him. He wants to get the city a ring badly so he’s going to play every game he can. But I’m annoyed he lied and said he didn’t know enough about Tamir Rice to have an opinion. That’s a lie and he knows it.

  3. I sympathize with her I really do but this burden shouldn’t be on LeBron and him speaking out about it won’t serve the change that needs to happen. She needs to be urging the DOJ to investigate more than anything.

  4. What is wearing a t-shirt going to do? Speaking on it? We need more money and power in the black community to make real changes. Where are the lobbyists on our behalf?

  5. I’d honestly prefer celebs not to talk about serious issues like this because a lot of them are ignorant. Sometimes we get one who has enough sense to speak intelligently about race, but most live in La La land and should stay out of it.

  6. Poor LeBron. I’m sure he wanted to say something and do something, but fear is holding him back. Let’s be honest. Most black celebs get punished when they speak out on behalf of the black community. It’s refreshing to see some of them buck the trend (Viola, Spike, Jussie) but it won’t ever be the norm.

  7. He could care less his children are not threatened he is wealthy and does not have to be concerned about the Police killing his family members. A protest would have been nice, Something to show concern for this Family, It is ashame that he forgot were he came from but this happens all the time not a surprise.

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