Russell Wilson Holds Ciara Down

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara hasn’t had the best two weeks in the media thanks to Future’s constant digs in interviews and social media being highlighted in the media, but she’s decided to pay her ex dust and focus on her career.

It also doesn’t hurt to have Russell Wilson in your corner.

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  1. I didn’t like the dress. I don’t mind seeing some cleavage but it just wasn’t cute to me. Her face was beat though.

  2. She looked nice but I didn’t like the outfit and she didn’t sound good. With that said kudos to Russell for having her back.

  3. Ummmm the dress looks like somethin for the red carpet not a football game…..she sounded okay….and she looked cute to me. Glad her boo shows his support in w/e she does. He’s cool on my book

  4. Lmao this chick is a human punching bag! No matter what she does she gets torn a part. lol Russell had to say something nice because no one else was. I wish her people tell her the truth……..she can’t sing songs like that!!!! I just don’t get the point of that dress a college foot ball……..

  5. You know , at this point , CiCi should really just focus on other business ventures and modeling .It’s clear that she’s in denial about making a music comeback .. Her first two albums were great , but the majority just isn’t here for her anymore . Her fashion choices aren’t good either on a day to day basis I mean , she and Bey only look fashionable when a stylist dress them btw . Rih is the artist that could pull anything off , she and Bey are very much in demand still .CiCi , it’s time to venture on out my love .

  6. I still don’t understand all the hate this woman gets…From 2015 to 2016..same sh-t all day everyday. .anyway. your life Ciara

  7. I don’t understand the automatic hate Ciara gets. Every time I watch her videos all in a row… I am amazed at how great and innovative her body of work is. Videos and songs I never see mentioned or awarded and they are flyAF. I don’t get it. I just think she is pretty bada-s to keep going. Her voice is good for the bangers and dance music. But I’m not mad at her for trying tho. She looks like a goddess here. Like she took it seriously. She didn’t dress the “norm”. I see it positively but ppl don’t when it comes to her.

  8. No lies told. I hope she stays strong and keep her head up. Hopefully she won’t let the negativity get to her..smdh

  9. I bet you future wouldn’t have held her down like that his heady jazz would of been watching cigars singing while he out with some random chick #phucboi

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