Draya & Orlando Scandrick on the Rocks Again, Amid Pregnancy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya and Orlando Scandrick’s relationship can be best described as rocky, but that didn’t stop them from resuming their engagement.

Now with a baby on the way, a lot of people were hoping the couple would refrain from their constant break-ups.

But it appears they may be once again on the rocks.

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    1. Right. Draya is going to have to accept Orlando is a hoe and he’s not ever going to do right by her. So she should move on and pray they can be great coparents.

  1. Didn’t he cheat on her when she wasn’t pregnant? Did she think it would get better when she got pregnant? That rarely happens.

  2. They will be back together again. That’s just what happens. Until your heart has had enough, it is then you walk away and there ain’t nothing you can do about it.

  3. They will probably get back together again but what’s the point? You can’t force something that isn’t meant to work.

  4. They will never get married. And I can see things getting real ugly when the baby gets here with child support and all.

  5. I know she may take him back like always but she really shouldn’t. Any man who has no problem cheating on a woman while she’s pregnant is scum.

  6. I’m convinced they are both bipolar. I think something is off about both of them and I’m sure they will back together next week SMH. I feel sorry for the baby for having 2 emotionally unstable parents.

  7. Sad. But I didn’t see it going any other way. But don’t get it twisted. They will get back together and break up again. This will go on for years to come.

  8. Orlando and Draya have clearly never heard of PRIVACY . Smdh , they have an extremely toxic relationship , I bet they get physical with one another..We all know Draya will fight .She complained about being around a toxic group of women , but her relationship trumps that pessimism . It’s so stereotypical , for many American minorities (blacks/ Latinos) to bring a child into such a detrimental environment . I’m sure Bey and Jay , and many top A LISTERS have many problems..You never see them constantly airing out their nasty laundry . Do Better , it’s the worst with public perception . Sigh

  9. This whole situation is a hot mess. Draya really thought she won the lottery when she got with this whore of an athlete but now she sees that it takes more than a man having money for a relationship to be worth while. A man has to respect you. If he’s out here in these streets acting like he ain’t got kids and a pregnant fiancee at home, he’s not the best God has for you. And I hope she gets that now because he will never change. He is who he is and he thinks he has a right to cheat because he has money. That’s that athlete mentality.

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