Kenya Moore Defends Attempting to Talk to Mother in Front of Cameras

In her recent Bravo blog, Kenya Moore claims cameras weren’t the issue and her mother has made a habit out of refusing to speak with her.

She writes:

I couldn’t help to remember the countless times I’ve tried knocking on her door both literally and figuratively. The many times that little girl begged to be my mother’s friend or even just acknowledge that I was even alive. I begged that she would stop treating me as if I was invisible. Every attempt ended in her laughing in my face or cruelties to try to break my young spirit. This had nothing to do with cameras; I approached her without cameras my entire life. I also asked the cameras to stay behind. This was really my only moment that I felt was different, because this time I had the support of my father that has known my pain all too well.

When I reached her door and knocked I literally heard her voice, the same voice that called me on the phone when I was 4-years-old and told me never to call her my mother. I heard my mother say, “Don’t open that door.” Seconds later, I heard her lock the door in my face.

I was devastated, but I cannot say I was surprised. This is the inhumanity I’ve always known.

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      1. “What did Kenya lie about?”

        Do you have time? Because Kenya lies about any and everything to secure the only paycheck she has coming in (RHOA). LOL.

  1. I absolutely loathe this b-tch! Why won’t she talk about the interview she gave when she said after winning Miss USA that her mother reached out several times and she ignored her calls. That all she wanted was an apology before anything else. That b-tch couldn’t tell the truth if her fking life depended on it.

  2. It’s possible Kenya’s mom has never been here for her but she has to be full of it to not think the cameras played some kind of role in her not wanting to talk.

  3. The f-ck? Kenya’s mom ain’t sh-t but I’m not going to pretend Kenya ain’t using this situation for a damn storyline.

    1. Kenya is letting down her guard and letting people get a glimpse at her real life. That’s what reality shows are for.

  4. I’m trying so hard to give Kenya a chance this season but it’s so hard. Now why would any person want to discuss something so serious as abandonment on TV? I’m not excusing Kenya’s mom but I can understand why she didn’t want to talk with Bravo there.

  5. I sympathize with Kenya; her problems with her mother explain a lot! Glad she just decided to embrace her father and those who want to be there! If her trifling mother has abandoned her and treated her poorly all these years;her as- deserved to be outed on camera!! Kenya isn’t a saint but no one is and it explains why she probably behaves the way she does at times. Just like boys need their fathers, girls need their mother’s. Hopefully moving forward she will just embrace it as it is what it is and strive to be a better woman and person. I’m never gonna cosign someone mistreating their child as a kid; they don’t ask to be here!!

  6. Kenya is never going to let up on that victim ish period .The way she writes this “story” is very children’s fanfic like . She always blames everyone/everything but Kenya , she’s very insecure , grugde holding , self- centered, self-loathing and repulsive .I’d guarantee you that I’ve unanimously described both , she and her mother .

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