Michael B. Jordan is Tired of Traditional Civil Rights Era Biopics + Wants Fresh Roles for Actors of Color

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actor Michael B. Jordan has made it a point to step outside the box when looking for roles, and in a recent interview he reveals his motive behind doing so.

Apparently the up and coming actor is tired of the traditional civil rights era biopics, and he wants more diverse roles for black actors.

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  1. I’m tired of these bios too but if anything we need more black directors and producers so we can tell more diverse stories.

  2. They’re right . However , like Jada P Smith , MBJ’s timing is suspect and his motives are bias . Had he gotten an Oscar , he’d gladly stick with the status quo . He often comes off as hypocritical , and his stance has zero strong hold until he truly proves that his motives are purely sincere .

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