Chris Brown Responds to the Speculation

Chris Brown is widely known for his intense performances that require impressive dance routines, but lately even his own fans have been disappointed in his performances.

Weeks ago Chris struggled with his performance at FOX’s “White Hot Holidays,” and he got dragged so bad on social media that actress Taraji P. Henson felt the need to hop on Twitter and defend him.

As a result of a string of lackluster performances and intense weight loss, some are speculating Chris may be struggling with a nasty drug problem.

However, Chris denies he’s on drugs and he claims his weight loss is a result of being very active:

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    1. The sad thing is he could have been. He was on that next Michael Jackson path and screwed it all up like a knucklehead.

  1. So he works harder than more than half of other artists yet still has plenty time to clap back on Twitter/IG over the dumbest things?

  2. Thank you. If he’s so much better than everyone else like he claims, he shouldn’t have so much time on his hands. Instead he should be working on his craft and getting better at his artistry.

  3. He does appear very Eddie Kane like. I hope not though. Honestly his voice hasn’t been the same in years. A lot of partying and not exercising your voice will do that. I blame it on the increase of talk-singing…when singers actually have to sing their voices aren’t prepared.

  4. Active in the streets , but lackluster at shows..He honestly needs to have several of those hotdogs and snacks he mentioned in his post btw . Chris is clearly on drugs , he speaks like a dedicated addict .He’s terrible at taking criticism , tries to bully his fans into buying his lame , repeated music. Has zero respect for women…How he has fans period beyond me . Also , doing street drugs and being bipolar is a deadly mix .

  5. Ummmm he is on the same thing Ginuwine is on they got the same mannerisms and crazy look……..only thing is Ginuwine is maintaining his weight……guess that’s what happens when you become true to that smh

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