Man Makes Serious Accusations Against Morris Chestnut

Photo Credit: FOX
Photo Credit: FOX

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actor Morris Chestnut speaks about his marriage and kids often in his interviews, and he claims his family life keeps him grounded in Hollywood.

Interestingly enough, a man is now accusing the actor of being a deadbeat dad.

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  1. I’m confused. So was he saying Morris raised him as his own and left or that Morris is his biological father and left?

    1. That’s what I’m trying to understand. If you’re gonna expose someone, at least know how to properly form sentences so people can understand what you’re saying.

  2. So we get only picture of them together and we’re supposed to believe this. Folks have to remember we live in a time when anyone can say something on social media and people will believe it without doing research. I will wait for more facts before I jump on the Morris Chestnut is a deadbeat wagon.

      1. He has a ton of childhood pictures on facebook. Even one of with Morris at the hospital on the day he was born. I believe this young man.

  3. N-gga ain’t bout to miss up my longtime fantasy. He can kiss my a-s. Nope, I don’t believe this sh-t. Lmao.

    1. And so do I! People get caught up in the celebrity of it and forget he breaths air and bleeds bloods like everybody else, he’s no saint because none of us are and people need to stop giving passes to celebrities because they like them as an actor or because they cute. If it was your child who was abandoned how would you feel for the world to bash him because his daddy is well known, be fair before you judge and if Morris is innocent of being a deadbeat the truth will come out.

    2. I think it’s believable. I think he is in a lot of pain. This happens to women all the time and the dude is not famous, so I believe it can happen even more so when he reaches fame. I think in his writing, he is emotional and has disconnected himself from Morris because of the way he’s been treated. What I got from it was that He’s Morris’s 1st born and Morris treats him as if he never existed. He emphasized within his writing how Morris just detached himself from he and his mother. If it is true and I believe it is and I can say that I love me some Morris; I hope that Morris can reach out to the man and settle his heart. It’s really sad as my son has gone through the same thing and he is an adult now. His father isn’t famous but he met a woman, had children and forgot about his 1st born. This day, they have absolutely no relationship.

  4. I believe this man , he exudes anger and hurt . I also believe that there’s more to this story . People do change with fame and fortune , not everyone is who they appear to be . Honestly , I don’t put anything above nor beneath anyone , I’m too idealistic and realistic for that nonsense . Waiting to hear from Morris . As for his broken grammar , people usually write like that when they’re over emotional , or in pain..js

  5. I have a feeling this young man is not his biological child. He mentions having his last name and Morris’ parents being his grandparents but not once does he reference being his blood. In my opinion his letter is written with such a style and tone, that “your blood” would have made it in there if it was true. I think Morris raised him as his own knowing he wasn’t his or Morris found out later he wasn’t his. Either way the young man is in some pain and maybe Morrison will reach out to help bring some clarity and closure to their situation.

  6. He doesn’t even look like Morris, not even a light brown skin Morris….he looks more like Cuba Gooding Jr brother…Omar Gooding. His mother probably was messing with Morris and Cuba…he mentioned he was coming around. Morris found out his moms was a thot……but waited until he blew up in Hollywood to blow the dust on her and the child……LOL…okay he might be but I doubt it. Like him or his moms said anything. His moms probably told him to “forget about tryna reach out to Morris” cause she knows the truth lol

  7. One thing we have to remember is that before they were stars, they were just like regular people. A lot of times people make it big and tend to forget about their creations, family and friends and start a new life with their new found friends of stardom. They date different and they act different, so it’s not far fetched that he did this. It’s unfortunate and it happens all the time.

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