Mo’Nique Drags Will & Jada into Open Marriage Controversy

In a recent podcast Mo’Nique recorded with her husband, she claims they decided to have an open marriage because she had a side piece at the time.

BET writes:

“Initially, when I asked for it, it was because I wanted to continue to see the gentlemen that I was seeing, and I felt comfortable telling my best friend [Hicks] that…and I didn’t want it to be where I was keeping anything from my best friend,” she explained. “That’s how it initially started, and when I tell you the conversations that we’ve had, it has taken me to a different place where I’m not even thinking of another man s*xually, but still open to it.”

Mo’Nique has also explained that her and Hicks have been best friends since the actress was 14, and that she trusted him enough to have the honest conversation, “which unfortunately some of us are afraid to have.”

…Speaking of, another thing the actress and comedienne addressed was the prejudice she faces ever since she went public with being in an open marriage. She says that while other celebrity couples like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and Brangelina, never have to defend their reportedly open marriages, Mo’s is looked at with pity. “’Oh, we hope Mo’Nique not gon’ let him just use her like that,’” she recalled people saying behind her back.  “Because society looks at me and they see a woman that looks like [she] couldn’t possibly have a man that looks like that if there was not something else involved in it…No one knew that it wasn’t Sidney’s idea to have an open marriage. It was mine.”

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  1. Look at her spin, spin and spin even more. When she first came out and said she had an open marriage, she said it was for her husband. It’s what he wanted to do. But I see she’s doing damage control now. That’s fine. But once you put something out, it’s out there forever.

    1. I remember that. And the last time she talked about this she defended it from a man’s perspective. She was saying how kings in Africa had multiple wives and having one wife is being pushed out by white people. So now she’s the one with a side piece. Yeah, sure.

      1. Right. But now she’s trying to change it around like she was out here getting it popping with some random dude. Sure Jan. Sure.

  2. Mo’Nique shut yo delusional a-s up. People drag Will and Jada all the damn time for that open marriage sh-t. And lastly, her husband ain’t even fine. Nobody questioned how she got his a-s. In fact, none of us were surprised when we saw his a-s for the first time. Does he even have a real job now or is he still her “manager”? He ain’t no damn prize. She talking sh-t like he’s Denzel. Throwback Denzel. When he looked good.

  3. Monique messy a-s needs to stop. Instead of talking about her marriage she needs to reevaluate her career and how she went from oscar winning to having to run her mouth being messy for attention.

  4. I really don’t care what Mo and her husband do anymore. But just don’t try to act like f-cking other people while you’re married makes you smarter and more advanced than everyone else, because it doesn’t. Sleeping around is basic as hell. Most people do it. I’m reserving my praise and admiration for the people who can actually be committed to one person.

  5. She seems really bothered by people not respecting her open marriage. But she needs to understand marriage to many means a commitment between just two people. No interview or podcast will change that general perspective of marriage.

  6. I wouldn’t be overly explaining my private life choices to the masses period .We all live our lives according to what our lives entail . I know that the majority of people cheat in some form or another . It’s overall rare to truly know of relationships where both were ALWAYS 100% faithful on every level to their partner , for the entire relationship .Lust can be deadly , but it’s human nature to lust after the inaccessible , forbidden , mysterious , or exotic . If Monique didn’t want to be judged , she shouldn’t have put her isht out there to be scrutinized by the world . I hate when people drag others in their drama , in an attempt to deflect , seems desperate .

  7. oh she is mad delusional cause Will & Jada stay getting dragged. Brangelina??? not so much maybe cause they are White, weird and adopt children from all over the continents….anyway who the hell cares about Monique and her low self esteem a$$ relationship anyway????? She shouldn’t even be trying to compare herself to Will & em….they do what they do cause they are freaks and bored. Monique husband does what he does cause he dislikes what he’s with and is bored…and she is just ACTING like it ain’t that….. like woman be gone!!!!

  8. I like her less and less the more she talks about this “marriage”. Just shut up and do what makes you happy Mo. Who are you trying to convince that you’re happy? Us or yourself?

  9. Why is her marriage up for conversation in every interview? Goodness stop talking about your business if you want folks to stop talking about your business

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