Janet Hubert Goes After NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Aunt Viv number one, Janet Hubert, isn’t going to reserve her ammo for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Just hours after making headlines for ripping the couple over their beef with the Academy Awards, she’s now set her sights on NeNe Leakes.

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  1. Damn she’s bitter as hell. She’s mad at everybody who is more successful than her like it’s everyone else’s fault but hers. Stop promoting this old, bitter troll. Let her go back to irrelevance please.

  2. I tried to tell you Kenya haters this woman is bitter and crazy but y’all didn’t want to believe me because she was dragging Kenya at the time. Now y’all see. She’s dragged three different people in two days. *giggles*

    1. Kenya deserved to be dragged at the time for owing Janet money. Lets not make this the “Kenya was the Victim Show” cause that would be a lie. Thanks!

      1. Um that was proven to be a lie. Kenya posted proof of payment on Instagram. Janet lied for attention just like she lied on Will and Jada for attention. Will did not have her fired. She was fired because she was rude as hell to the heads of the show and they were tired of walking on eggshells. And Jada and Will’s production company does hire black people. They even put Taraji in Karate Kid before anyone was even checking for her like that. This woman is a liar.

        1. Again, Kenya owed that woman her money and deserved to get her crusty a-s dragged for it. It was only after several months that Kenya was able to show the cancelled check after she finally paid her. Again, this is not the Kenya Show and she is not a victim! Janet stood up for herself in that instance and showed Kenya to be the lying fraud that we’ve always known her to be.

          1. What proof did Janet show proving she was never paid? Lawsuit? Police report? TMZ links? Nothing, right? Oh, ok. That woman is a liar. No need to pretend otherwise because you don’t like Kenya. Face it. I tried to tell y’all and now y’all are mad she’s going after Nene now. *giggles*

          2. If Kenya had paid Janet on time she would’ve produced the cancel checks immediately when the story first hit the airwaves, it was only months later that she showed evidence she’d paid and that was only after several more draggings from Janet. Face it, Kenya had to get her little coins together because she thought folks were gonna work for free and give her a pass. As usual, she overstepped her supposed popularity and was shown to be a liar and a deadbeat. But the rest of the world already knew that, just not you stans.

        2. Yeah I’m starting to see a trend with her. She bashes popular people and gets press. She hopes it will get her an acting job but it doesn’t because people know she’s a nut.

          1. Right! I’m sitting here laughing at the outrage. When she dragged Kenya, she was their hero. *giggles*

  3. And there it is. Aunt Viv is really just mad her career didn’t turn out the way she wanted. But that’s her fault. When you can’t get along with anyone you’ve ever worked with, the problem has to be you. She lies and says she’s blacklisted, but I doubt it. People don’t call her with roles because she’s a b-tch. Why work with her when she will just drag you on Facebook the next day? It is what it is.

  4. Janet needs to stop with the bitter and the salt and realise that 25 years ago when she wanted Will to side with her on that contract dispute he was just a kid.

    But it must suck that she has such a lousy rep in the industry that no one will touch her with a 10-foot barge pool. She better realise the Nene ain’t Kenya. She will get that bitter a-s of hers read for filth!

  5. I wish this woman would shut the hell up. She did the white man’s job for free like an idiot. Jada actually got black actors coming together and speaking up and this angry idiot just ruined it because of something that happened when I was in elementary school! And then she has the nerve to call herself a freedom fighter when she just stopped black progress. I can’t stand her.

  6. I can’t help but sigh at all the fools who are supporting this person. Janet is a hothead who ruined her own acting career with her temper. And when I saw that video of her rolling her neck and calling Jada “sister girl” on all those white sites, I’m just baffled at how she doesn’t even see that she’s a walking stereotype. At least Jada didn’t fall for the bait and clap back. Why? Because she’s smarter than Janet. Go back under that rock you’ve been under ma’am. I beg you.

  7. I have to say I really don’t care for Janet anymore. She’s very hostile, hateful and negative. It’s hard for me to like someone like that.

  8. Shut yo old bitter a-s up. It’s 2016 and you still refuse to admit your annoying a-s got fired from Fresh Prince because you literally acted like a b-tch on set and most people there couldn’t stand working with you. We could pretend sh-t has changed and you’ve matured, but here’s your old a-s again dragging people that don’t even think about your washed up a-s. Hate on Nene all you want but she knows how to be professional and get and keep jobs. When will your old a-s?!

  9. Nene is on Broadway because she has a good agent and she networks and makes the best use of her time. Janet spends most of her day ranting in her homemade podcasts and arguing with random people on Facebook.

  10. I don’t even like Nene but this lady is jealous as hell. Bitter is too good of a term for her. She’s literally the type of person who wakes up everyday mad as hell that her life ain’t what she wants it to be and it’s everyone’s else’s fault. I can’t stand people like that.

  11. I wish she would get a life. She has no career because she’s just not a likable person. I wouldn’t want to work with her to be honest.

  12. Nene actually went to acting school and took voice lessons before auditioning for Broadway. She worked for it. Janet needs to get over herself. She should be mad that a lowly reality star (you know that’s how Janet feels) works harder than her. She needs to get it together. Everyone is out here grinding and making things happen while she’s remaining bitter and doing nothing.

  13. So Nene is ratchet and ghetto, and Janet is the epitome of class calling people b-tches on Facebook and rolling her neck going off on people in her little videos? How is she different from any of the housewives? She’s on the same level in my book. She’ll be out here fighting on reality shows in due time. I mean if she can even get booked for one.

  14. She’s been bitter for a long time. When will she let it go? Jada hasn’t done anything to her and neither has Nene. So why drag them into her issues with Will?

  15. She also said she can’t even pay her student loan bills. People have to sit back and see it for what it is. Aunt Viv is very bitter because she is broke and unemployed. But she brought this all on herself. Just like with regular people, when you cause a whole bunch of mess at your job and can’t get along with people at your job, it ruins your reputation and people stop calling you. All she’s doing now and showing that she hasn’t changed after all these years, and that’s a shame. Nene may be ratchet but she hasn’t said anything to warrant this. If she’s mad at Will, be mad at Will. Don’t drag his wife and random people into some beef they had nothing to do with.

  16. My fellow Urban Bellas , this nut is angry at me for marrying Tupac Amaru Shakur also , hahahaha . She’s soooo desperate that Noone but Kenya , whom actually warrants such irrational behavior, for not paying “One flew over the coocoo’s nest “her coins , will even respond to Viv .Btw , she needs to stop complaining about being called dark Viv , as a light skinned woman , I’m very attracted to dark skin . I find that features are more attractive , not skin color !More importantly , content of character trumps all . Btw , this is my fave site! You ladies are all interesting to me . :-)<3

  17. I used to have so much respect for Janet. I really thought she was strong, intelligent and I believed her when she said Will did her wrong. But now I see her for what she really is. She isn’t intelligent (if she was, she would realize she’s doing the work of racists by putting down black people who are fighting for progress), she’s isn’t strong (if she was strong she wouldn’t hold on to anger for two decades plus), and I no longer think Will did her wrong (she most likely got her own self blacklisted because she’s a nasty and unprofessional person as we can see right now). I may not be a fan of the Smiths, but regardless of why they called out the Academy, they did it and it has caused others to speak out. I have to applaud that. I’m not a gullible black person who can’t see a distraction for what it is. Anyone who stands in the way and seeks to hurt our progress doesn’t deserve my support or understanding. Janet is a distraction and she’s no freedom fighter. She’s very much part of the problem. She will no longer get my support and she will probably die a bitter and old fool.

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