Kenya Moore Won’t Let up on Kim Fields

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore and Kim Fields continue to clash, and currently both are at odds over Kim’s “Beatless Brunch.”

Kenya feels like the event was just a way for Kim to shade the other housewives for their love for makeup.

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  1. Kenya continues to be pressed about Kim. I can’t say I’m surprised she went after her. Kenya likes to target people she thinks are weak. She tried it with Porsha and well…

    1. Y’all are doing too much. Everything Kenya said is the truth. Kim does think she’s too good for the show so why is she there?

  2. So we suppose to believe this has nothing to do with her looking like a chocolate chip cookie without makeup. Moving right along once again Kenya picking a fight with a cast mate to make up for not having a story line bye Kenya you not slick.

    1. Exactly. Kenya is only salty about this because she knows she looks terrible without makeup, so she really thought Kim was trying to be shady. Kim doesn’t spend much time thinking about Kenya though but we all know Kenya will do whatever it takes to have a storyline.

  3. I see people are going to totally ignore the fact that Kim does have a self righteous attitude about everything just to bash Kenya.

    1. Kenya looks better without the make-up, in this picture. She is a beautiful woman; as is all of the ladies on the show. What Kenya said was the truth. I interpret some of these comments as just pure jealousy. Why? Everybody on the show has their pitfalls. Why is Kenya being singled out? Nene is back, but, why? She was above all of the drama in the show. If you want to talk about ugly, that’s a person who’s ugly inside and out when things aren’t the way SHE wants them.

      1. LOL. This is pure bull. Please tell me why anyone needs to be jealous of Kenya or anyone else on RHOA? I’ll wait dear.

        1. Girl I’d like to know too. I mean have we gotten so low as a society that reality stars are envy worthy and worth idolizing? Then she has no problem bashing Nene in the next sentence…so why is it so hard to understand that some of us just don’t like Kenya just like she doesn’t like Nene? Everyone on RHOA is unlikable. It’s just a matter of preference.

  4. Yet from the moment Kenya met Kim she’s been judging her in her confessionals. Did she not say Kim needed to go back home and change cause she looked like a prostitute at Disney in her shorts and over the knee boots at one event? But you’re not judging, right Kenya?

    By the way, you’re a descendent of Nubian Queens, not an “ancestor of!” Proofreading is your friend!

  5. The stanning on here is ridiculous at times. Chelly was spot on. None of these women are really all that likable. They are paid to have catfights and throw shade at each other all day. They act like they are in high school. So can anyone really question why any of them aren’t liked? Nobody is worth getting jealous over. I actually pity all of them. Kenya more than anyone else because she had so much potential. She could have been on Vanessa Williams level but she wasn’t smart enough to play her cards right when she had the chance.

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