Tank Goes There

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose got social media in a frenzy when she put Kanye West on blast and claimed he liked for her to stick her fingers “in a special place” when they used to date.

The rapper later denied the accusations, but social media had a field day with memes regarding the situation regardless.

Now folks are debating on just how acceptable it is for a heterosexual man to enjoy that kind of action.

R&B singer Tank enjoys the act and thinks men who aren’t partaking in it are missing out.

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  1. I ain’t licking no sh-tty a-s for no one. Now I’m all for being a little kinky but most men don’t even know how to wipe their a-ses correctly. I don’t want a sh-tty tongue. So I ain’t licking a got damn thing.

  2. The way people have been going on about this lately you would think people just started doing this but this ain’t new.

  3. Well I did it once by accident while I was doing the other thing….I just swiped across there LMAO……but I have never done it intentionally…….and I have never swiped across there ever again. I had it done to me I don’t know if it was by accident or not…….but I didn’t like the feeling and then afterwards my groceries was itching…so that turned me off LMFAO

  4. I’m surprised by some of the commentary. Are we not grown arse women? I have been married for nearly 15 years and tried it on my husband recently (disclaimer, I KNOW he washes his arse). He loves it! And I love that he likes it. While it’s not something I’d do daily (personally I’ll only toss his salad after a shower), I’m not shading anyone who does.
    To each his/her own.

  5. I think some people think way too hard about s-x. It’s like people are thinking of so many things to do now and I’m starting to think it’s out of boredom. But when you have most women out here unable to get an o-gasm but doing 50-11 things to please their men, well this is what happens. I say let’s focus more on pleasuring women first and then more of us will consider eating booty.

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