Chris Rocks Speaks up for Black Actresses

Photo Credit: Essence
Photo Credit: Essence

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Chris Rock got some backlash when it was confirmed he would he would not be stepping down from his Oscars hosting gig amid the boycott for more diversity, but that’s not stopping him from talking about the lack of diversity in the film industry in his interviews.

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  1. I’m glad he said this because too many people were trying to downplay how black women are treating in the business.

  2. He should not breach a contract. He’s a producer. He knows he’d be sued. He made a commitment before the boycott. I respect a man of his word.

    I can only IMAGINE who the network wanted instead of Tichina. They’re shortsighted. Her comedic timing is everything. I’m glad he fought for her.

    “I quit! My husband has TWO jobs!!” I literally use that line everywhere (even tho my hubs only has 1 job)
    For me, it means “I don’t have to be bothered. My man holds me DOWN. He gets it DONE!” It tickles me every time I think of her saying it and the way she said it. LOL!

    Anyway she’s an OG. They better recognize.

  3. Chris has always been very pro black and vocal on the issues. He’s still hosting the Oscars because he plans on dragging them. Watch and see.

    1. Exactly. The storm has quieted down for now but once it’s time for the Oscars, KABOOM!! All hell gon break loose I can see it now.

  4. Y’all really think Chris is going to be up there c–ning for white folks? Lol no, he has something up his sleeve for them and although I won’t be watching, I can’t wait to see the clips! Of course, he has to fulfill his contract and I’m pretty sure that check will be amazing. Go Chris!

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