‘Empire’ Star Talks Being Biracial

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Up and coming actress and singer Serayah struck gold with her role on FOX’s smash hit “Empire,” but with newfound fame comes learning how to deal with fans.

And it’s an interesting interaction with fans that caused Serayah to open up to the New York Daily News about being biracial in a recent interview.

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  1. She’s not even biracial though. Her dad is but she’s not. I wish people would learn the difference between biracial and multiracial. Whatever.

    1. You are 100% correct. She is not biracial, but actually multiracial like a lot of African Americans/Blacks thanks to slavery. Many of us are getting DNA tests nowadays and seeing that.

  2. She clearly has no idea what biracial means. But this is the same person who tweeted that she believed she was a tall, brunette white lady in another life. Pretty girl but she has some serious self identify issues.

  3. For some reason black women with 3c hair just don’t think they can be fully black lmao…Her dad looks mixed but her mom is black. So she’s not biracial. Even calling her multiracial is a reach.

  4. I knew it would be her before I even clicked from my inbox…I won’t go in one her because a lot of people are confused about what biracial means, but this isn’t the first time she has brought up being biracial in an interview. She’s not and she clearly really wants to be for some reason. But it’s her life. I don’t really care either way.

  5. She’s not biracial. It’s probably an honest misunderstanding but she’s really not biracial. Having a white grandparent doesn’t make one biracial either. It’s weird how some of us really think just being black isn’t good enough.

  6. She’s not the only one out here seriously confused about what biracial means. It is strange that she will find any reason she can to talk about it though. I’ve also seen some past tweets of hers that make me think she’s not wanting anyone to label her black. Weird. Very weird.

  7. This b-tch on created her own definition for biracial. What kind of pathetic sh-t is this? Daddy may be biracial but her a-s sure ain’t. I don’t get sh-t like this. She’s a beautiful black woman and should be proud of that sh-t.

  8. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe in 2016 grown people are still walking around claiming to be biracial just to feel like special snowflakes. This is just like some black folks walking around here claiming to have Indian in their family. Just stop. Sweetie, you’re not mixed. Get over yourself.

  9. Girl bye take it from someone whose dad is half black and mom is full black just like you I’m not biracial I’m black sweetheart and so are you.

  10. I love my hair too but it’s weird how she seems to place so much value in her hair and being “biracial”. Literally, it’s the only two things she talks about when she can even get an interview. On top of that, Lee Daniels said he only hired her because of her hair. That is sadder than her not understanding what biracial means. This girl needs a clue. She has way more to offer the world than nice hair and her DNA makeup.

  11. Please. Racists will look at her and just see a black woman. Not a biracial woman. What happened to Sandra Bland could happen to her. My people need to get it together.

  12. She is not biracial and I don’t know why she keeps referring to herself as such. Having 1 parent who is biracial does not equal her being biracial. She is black PERIOD.

  13. She’s a weirdo guys. She already said she thinks she was supposed to be a white woman and she follows Taylor Swift around like a lost puppy. I was rooting for her before she starting talking all this nonsense.

  14. I’m kinda glad she became an afterthought on Empire now. This is nothing but stupidity and a case of trying way too hard.

  15. I’m assuming she wants to push the lie that she’s biracial because she thinks it will help her career.

  16. Who cares and as for 3C hair I have cousins who look like Cameron Diaz with 3c hair texture!! Blaxicans!! Ignorant convention!! It’s all good; black, white, Asian, etc!!! Who cares!! Smh

  17. LOL…….I didn’t read up on her, I will after this. But looking at her I was just saying to myself in my head “Where is she Biracial at? I can’t tell by her hair, features or complexion” and then I read yall comments about her parents LMFAO….I wonder if any1 in Hollyweird is gonna check her and bring her back down to Earth or is she even that relevant to check?????

  18. Girl bye. I know plenty of black women with two black parents that have the same kind of hair she does. I can’t believe how dense this girl is.

  19. Oh and if we are counting grandparents and other relatives further down the line to claim biracial, then 99% of us are biracial and 99% of us ain’t black. See how idiotic that sounds?

  20. Hmm technically she would be multiracial, like a lot of blacks. A lot of you can get a DNA test right now and see that you’ve got European blood in you. Slavery has a lot of us walking around here with blood from all over the place. Biracial means your parents are two different races, hence the “bi” at the front of the word. Now her grandmother being white doesn’t make her herself biracial, just multiracial like a lot of us. Her dad is biracial, however since he comes from a white mother and black father. But her mother is black, therefore calling her biracial wouldn’t make sense genetically. Anyway, great dialogue. I’m just glad no one came in to high jack this thread and try to call us “bitter”, “jealous” and “ignorant” for speaking scientific facts. But then again, UB wouldn’t post those kind of comments anyway (thank goodness) lol.

  21. Again, just wanted to point out that biracial also means the additional race is closer in the bloodline/family lineage to you – your parents. Biracial only applies to one’s parents. Relatives further down the line like grandparents, great grandparents, etc. are scientifically classed as a multiracial genetic makeup. That’s why she’s multiracial and not biracial.

  22. Black Americans are multiracial and biracial.. African ares not there is a difference. Black Americans need to be more accepting, and stop believing in the archaic one drop rule

    1. You seem to be taking this personally. I hope you’re not offended. But I think most people on here agree with that and that’s why many of them said this young woman is not biracial, but multiracial. Scientifically, there’s no way this woman can be classified as biracial, that is scientifically incorrect. So just as we need to eliminate the one drop rule (I agree 100% in that regard), we also have to make sure we know the differences between biracial and multiracial. Yes, a lot of blacks are multiracial because of slavery. But this young lady is not biracial, sorry to disappoint you but she is multiracial.

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