Kanye West’s Former Writer Says He is Mentally Ill and Needs Help

Photo Credit: LittleO2
Photo Credit: LittleO2

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Kanye West has been making headlines for his upcoming studio album, “The Life of Pablo,” but amid all the excitement, some of his former associates are breaking their silence.

A former writer for the Chicago rapper even told a fan on Twitter recently that he won’t collaborate again with Ye until he gets help because he’s mentally ill.

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  1. Sometimes I’m not sure if he’s mentally ill or just a really dedicated troll/attention whore. It’s hard to tell. Until I know for sure that he has a mental illness, he’s just another Kardashian to me.

    1. That’s what it is. He’s just a troll just like his wife and his in laws. These people have bi weekly meeting about what they can do and say to get attention from the media. And sadly, it works every single time. I no longer think he’s mentally ill. He’s just an annoying troll who no longer makes good music.

  2. I think it’s all just a gimmick at this point. Kanye knows people think he’s some crazy genius and it gets him a lot of attention, but you can tell by how much the quality of his music has declined and how terrible his clothing lines are that he’s not that genius he wants us to think he is. Kanye is just a douche. Mentally ill he is not.

  3. Well he’s been off since his mother passed so I agree. I may not like Kanye anymore but it’s obvious to me something mentally is off with him. He’s clearly still grieving his mother and needs therapy but won’t get the help he needs because too many yes people are around him including the Kardashians.

  4. I don’t really care anymore. I gave up on Kanye like two albums ago. He’s never going to be what he used to be because that wasn’t who he really was. He was a Kardashian all along and that’s why he’s always wanted to be with Kim.

  5. I don’t know if he’s acting bizarre for attention or he’s not right in the mind, but his music isn’t as good as it used to be so it’s hard for me to support him anymore.

  6. He not mentally ill. Kanye is an attention whore.. He does this every time he has an album release or his homeless cloths debut. Since his albums don’t sell like they used to during college Dropout days he is left to gather publicity through drama in hopes that it would push his album sales. Geez drake, Kendrick Lamar outsell him now.. He is livid that he is no longer Kanye that used to break records.

  7. He’s a narcissist. He has a personality disorder. UB what’s up with the Anti – Rih & Bey updates? It’s nothing but d list celebrities and reality gossip

  8. No matter the circumstance, the spirit is being adversely impacted, therefore he/we can all benefit from prayer in this matter.

  9. He is definitely mentally ill. he has clear symptoms of mania, thus he almost assuredly has a form of bipolar disorder. he has symptoms of narcissism, which of course are harder to separate out in a celebrity, but still there. compare him to david bowie, who would put on personas in his act, and make them very believable, but who never seemed to believe he was those people. thats healthy. kanye is very, very troubled. and with a whole posse of yes men around him to keep him from changing course, he is going to suffer greatly.

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