Idris Elba Put on Blast

Idris Elba recently broke up with his son’s mother Naiyana Garth, and the news went viral after he was photographed having a night out on the town with Naomi Campbell.

Now The Daily Mail has penned a new piece detailing the actor’s string of failed relationships.

The Daily Mail writes:

Biographer Nadia Cohen, author of Idris Elba: Actor, DJ, Legend, says: ‘People felt that Naiyana had tamed him and that he was ready to settle down finally, but perhaps it’s just not to be.

‘He’s at the peak of his career and one of the most desired men in the world and maybe having a young baby doesn’t chime with that. It seems like he won’t ever settle down.’

He certainly has form: Idris split from his first wife while she was pregnant with their daughter, Isan, who’s now 15.

A second marriage lasted only a day — and as a young man working as a DJ on a pirate radio station he was known as Mr Kipling, after someone said, ‘Idris, you’ve got more tarts than Mr Kipling.’

Now, as a Hollywood heavyweight, he is surrounded by fawning females. According to Cohen: ‘He just loves all the attention. He loves flirting with everyone in the room, whether it’s a gay waiter or the coat check girl.

‘Everybody fancies him. He’s a really, really sexy man and loves the attention.’


The writer even brings up Idris’ past relationship with K Michelle in which the R&B singer claims they got together while he was with Naiyana (K also claims she had no idea he was dating someone else) and Idris called things off after he learned Naiyana was pregnant.


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  1. Who doesn’t know Idris is a thot? But that has nothing to do with his acting career. The Daily Mail needs to hop off his nuts. It’s like they have been on a mission to destroy him for the last week.

  2. They are obsessed. I really feel like his ex is the one sending them all this information. They were the first ones to report she was pregnant, the first ones to report the breakup and now they are giving a rundown on all his failed relationships and I don’t doubt she told them that too. Idris is wrong for cheating but she’s wrong for using the Daily Mail to do her dirty work.

  3. This isn’t new information to most of us who have been following his career for years. But I do have to wonder why it matters now. I don’t know if his ex knows some people in the media or if its an attempt to bring him down a few notches since he’s been getting awards for Beasts of No Nation.

  4. If they don’t get off this man’s d-ck. Idris been a THOT and these women know that sh-t and deal with him anyway because he’s fine as f-ck. He just better be careful because Naomi Campbell will fight his a-s.

  5. He a thot…I would definitely have fun with him but as for anything serious…no…smh…setting yourself up for heartbreak

  6. This person that is writing about him sounds obsessed……anyway yes Idris is a flirt, and very nice…yassss I met him LOL omg I was a cornball that day…and if I wanted to be that type of chick and slip him my # he would’ve taken it and we would’ve been getting up some place . Cause he was flattered and blushing when I recognized him and asked for a hug/autograph lol…..hmmm let me get that same opportunity again I just might let myself be that extra notch on his belt lmao

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