Writer Calls out Ciara’s Critics Amid Legal Battle with Future

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara has been getting lots of harsh criticism from both genders on social media as she battles her ex Future in court over custody issues, and many are slamming her because they feel like she’s at fault for the situation spiraling out of control.

Wendy Williams even told her audience amid taping for her talk show recently that she feels Ciara should have just had a fling with Future, and getting serious with him was naive since he already had baby mama drama with his other exes before they even got together.

However, some of Ciara’s supporters feel like the backlash Ciara is receiving is evidence that society still suffers from misogyny.

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  1. Corny couple but no lies were told. Ciara is getting dragged for doing what any smart woman would. It’s crazy.

    1. It’s honestly disgusting that people hate women so much that she gets shat on for the very same things a man would be praised for. It’s truly a sickness in our society.

  2. Well some women like f-ck boys so they are going to side with Future because they don’t even think they could have a good man in real life so settling for f-ck boys makes sense to them. And as for the men who are Team Future, well f-ck boys have to look out for each other right?

  3. Typical Case of a man who can’t stand to see the mother of his child being independent to raise their kid. Wendy might criticize Ciara for getting with Future but what people need to do is applaud her for learning from her mistakes and moving on to better things. Russell Wilson is the proof that she has. Case closed

  4. Well said. I think a lot of people are mad because they can’t believe Ciara has moved onward and upward since Future. She wasn’t supposed to end up doing this well. They see her as a washed up singer but she’s managed to become a successful model and snag a much better man. They can’t take it.

  5. I definitely agree with this because all I keep seeing is Ciara is getting what she deserves for messing with Future and it’s all her fault. My take is this is a hard lesson for both her and Future to learn from. She never should have gotten involved with Future someone with 3 or 4 baby mama’s wasn’t going to settle down. As for Future its consequences of having multiple children with different women reality is other men are going to be in his kids life the mother of his kids have a right to move on. Also Ciara is not like his other baby mama’s based in ATL she works all over the world so he isn’t going to get the access to his son like he is with his other kids in ATL. Future has went on interview after interview trashed this girl on social media lied about the 15k a month, lied about her keeping their son away him I read the court documents on Sandra Rose blog who hates Ciara even admitted that Future lied on Ciara. Ciara finally stands up for herself with the lawsuit which if people read if he would take down the tweets and offer a retraction she would drop the lawsuit but its all Ciara’s fault smh.

  6. Like Queen already pointed out, it’s jealousy on both sides. Women are jealous Ciara managed to get Russell Wilson despite all her baggage with Future, and men (including Future) are mad because men like Russell remind them how much of losers they really are.

  7. Ciara doesn’t have to tolerate mistreatment from any man, especially not Future. Anyone who thinks so needs therapy.

  8. My thoughts……both are clowns and i wish they would keep their boring business to themselves. Neither one are considering their child by this tic for tack back and forth on the media. Grow up….i got my own problems. lol

    1. Why the shade towards Ciara? Last I saw,Future is the one on social media disrespecting Ciara every chance he gets. She kept quiet,got her s-it together and letting her lawyers do the talking. I agree 100% with the Essence article. YOU Jus CONFIRMED What THE Author Was saying…

  9. Ciara in playing tic for tact with tramp boy future. Future needs to be incarcerated for his behavior. This is a dangerous man (future) he may try and harm Ciara. Look at what just happened to that lady and her child all because the father did not want to support his own child. Ciara don’t need him he need her. Future plans did not work out. He thought he was going to get Ciara money. Ciara had a career before this future (mistake). And she have and will continue to be better. Ciara career is real talent future is a non talent wannabe. Future is a disgrace to men. Russell shows him just how much of a problem (loser) he is.

  10. Don’t forget July 15, 2015 on the radio breakfast club future. You degraded Ciara and Russell saying their relationship is a publicity stunt. The truth is future “your whole non talent career is a publicity stunt.” The truth don’t feel good right? Jealousy is a illness.

    1. But the women agree with him and the men applaud. Never understood why people and Wendell Williams feels their relationship is a publicity stunt. Freaking stupid. Why can’t they jus genuinely like each other dam..I’m sure Russell has better things to do then to pretend to like Ciara. .stupidity is on a all times high with some people. .

  11. Wendy u are a disgrace to all strong black women. Future u have the kid with someone be man enough to take care of ur responsibilities and don’t let your jealousy and hate on a sister show be a man dude. As for my girl ciara girl keep on doing u for if the haters aren’t hating u ain’t doing something right.

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