Rumor Control: Is Beyonce Rehiring Mathew + Did Ciara Leave Epic Records?

According to reports, Beyonce may have teamed back up with her father for the next era.

The singer has been managing herself since firing Mathew Knowles, and she now owns her own company, Parkwood Entertainment, in which she manages every branch of her brand.

Sources close to the singer, however, tell Gossip Cop that she won’t be working with her father again:

The allegation comes from the National Enquirer, which claims, “Mega-mogul Jay Z’s sensing a mega-chill in his marriage after Beyoncé suddenly shocked him — and the entire family — by hinting that she’s re-hiring estranged dad Mathew Knowles to manage her empire again.”

“Maybe THAT’S why Jay sent Wifey that whopping bouquet of 10,000 roses just before the Super Bowl,” the supermarket tabloid wrongly speculates. The outlet goes on to quote a so-called “Beyoncé spy,” who alleges, “Jay Z knew something was up when Beyoncé abruptly fired her entire management team, and he’s infuriated by news that Daddy’s back again — years after he’d persuaded her to dump his ass!”

The National Enquirer even encourages readers to “stay tuned,” and they should… to Gossip Cop. We’re assured by an impeccable insider close to Beyoncé and Jay Z that she is NOT hiring her dad to be her manager again. Our contact even sniped, “Look who the source is.”

No kidding. The disreputable gossip rag outrageously said last fall that Beyoncé and Jay Z’s supposed “sham marriage” was coming to an end, with the superstars on the verge of divorce. Of course, they remain happily together, and there’s 10,000 roses that prove it. Furthermore, Beyoncé has already hired a new management team, of which Knowles is not part.


In more music news, rumor has it Ciara has decided to leave LA Reid’s Epic Records.

Apparently someone ran into LA Reid recently and that’s allegedly when he revealed the girlfriend of Russell Wilson is no longer on the label’s roster.

That Grape Juice writes:

A fan attended a Chicago event last night, which was erected in support of Epic chairman L.A Reid and his new memoir ‘Sing To Me.’

Of his encounter with Reid, this is what was said…

ciara leaves epic tweet


Though we’ll wait for confirmation, this doesn’t sound far fetched.

The ‘Jackie’ campaign effectively ended with the release of ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’ (last Summer) and the sales of the album are a likely cause for concern for both parties. So much so that the recent Platinum plaque awarded to its lead single ‘I Bet’ is not enough to distract from.



Interestingly enough, Ciara is still listed on the label’s official website and the label hasn’t responded to the rumor.

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  1. Knew the Bey rumor was false because there’s no way she’d go back to having a manager when she’s had the massive success she’s had independently. I think she fired her old team because she wanted to take things to the next level and she wasn’t sure they could help her do that. And Ciara is going to flop no matter what label she signs to. Her time in music has passed. Modeling will be her bread and butter from here on out.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth on both Ciara and Beyonce. I keep hearing Ciara’s her fans say it was management fault or the label fault she flops….no Ciara just can’t sing. It doesn’t make a difference who signs her. She was just on twitter trying to sing and it sound like bad Karaoke.

  2. Ciara should just build her brand as a model. She is with Coach, Roberto Cavalli, Keds shoes, and Ralph Lauren. Not many singing artists get this chance.This is a good look for her. Honestly it seems like besides their romance, both Russell and Ciara are benefiting from each other financially. Russell is coming out with his own endorsements in fashion too.

  3. Beyonce is at a point of her career where she doesn’t need someone to manage her. She’s been in the business long enough to make good decisions and her name sells itself. I mean her tours sell out in minutes, with no new album out. Her dad taught her a lot but he’s no longer needed. And Ciara won’t do better at another label. People are just over her music wise.

  4. Well duh Beyonce ain’t going back to Matthew. But I’m kinda torn with Ciara she needs to make a decision with her singing career because if she really wants to be serious and salvage her music career she needs to focus and stop putting out wack music I love Ciara but I got to speak the truth. She needs to be motivated and be serious work her ass off focusing on her music and she needs to get back to her roots go back to jazze pha and polow da don. If not just keep piling up endorsements like she been doing and go the Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba route and build an empire.

  5. Bey will never let Mathew manage her again. And why should she? She’s been more successful without him and he stole money from her anyway. Ciara doesn’t need a deal. She’s probably making more money modeling. The music industry is only worth someone’s time if they can do well touring.

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