French Montana Salty over Kendrick Lamar’s Success?

All anyone could really talk about at this year’s Grammy Awards was Kendrick Lamar’s performance, but French Montana feels “The Powers to Be” may have an agenda to use Kendrick to kill off street rap.

When asked why he thinks Kendrick sells more albums than street rappers, he tells the Breakfast Club crew:

“Because they position [Kendrick], like how they did at the Grammys, as the new music. It’s not that it’s not the right thing to do, but you see like the whole thing was Kendrick night.

“That [To Pimp A Butterfly] album don’t sound like nothing that’s out – the whole Hip Hop.

“I feel like they just position you as the new face of Hip Hop… They put him on that platform so they can shift music towards that direction.”


You can watch the full interview below:

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  1. Actually, no. TPTB didn’t force us to go out in droves and by the album before his last. It barely got any promotion at first, but word of mouth about how good it was made it go platinum. And when people find a quality artist who makes quality music, they will support them and sometimes that forces TPTB to put shine on that person. Future, French and the rest of the mediocre rappers need to step it up. Cole, Drake and Kenny didn’t come here to play. They make good music and they are proving that hood rap ain’t necessary to make it anymore. Thank goodness!

  2. I disagree. The powers to be were actually pushing street rap for many years because they understood the negative impact it would have on the black community. Conscious rappers were always pushed to the background in favor of street rap as well. I think people just got bored of the French Montanas of the world, and Kendrick was a breath of fresh air. People just enjoy his music more.

  3. F-ck this clown and his trash a-s music. Doesn’t he have a Kardashian to run behind anyway? F-ck outta here.

  4. *rolls eyes* How is a one hit wonder trying to shade someone who actually deserves all the success they have right now? French can’t even rap. Someone call me when he can come up with some original verses. He’s one of the laziest rappers out right now.

  5. I ain’t surprised he’s a f-ckboy he must be mad his non rapping a-s ain’t in rotation no more. Maybe if his as- would actually rap for a change instead of depending on that lame a-s haaaan gimmick line he wouldn’t have time to hate on Kendrick.

  6. Well if French put as much effort into making good music as he does trying to hook up with famous women, just maybe he could get an invite to the Grammys. The only rappers who have room to complain are J Cole and Wale. They make great music but both get overlooked by the establishment all the time in favor for Drake and Kendrick.

  7. French is retarded if he doesn’t get why he isn’t as successful as Kendrick and that is just it…I am shock he is still around especially on Diddy label

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