Steve Harvey Finds Himself in Another Controversy

According to Hip Hollywood, it all went down after a listener asked for his advice regarding her boyfriend taking advantage of her while she was passed out from drinking too much:

Some folks are unhappy with Steve Harvey and his co-host Shirley Strawberry after they victim blamed a woman claiming she may have been s*xually assaulted by her boyfriend. The 23-year-old sent a letter into Harvey’s radio show earlier this month recounting a night she was too drunk to remember having intercourse with her boyfriend.

“In the middle of the night, my boyfriend woke me up and told me to clean myself up. Confused, I asked him why and he told me because we just had s*x. Of course, I had no knowledge of it because I passed out drunk,” the girl writes.

“The next morning, I asked what him happened the night before. He says that he came home, saw me in bed, and wanted to have s*x. He said I didn’t move or talk so he thought I was just really tired even though there was a trashcan by the bed with my head halfway in it. Would you consider this a s*xual assault? How can I tell him without hurting him, or scaring him. I don’t want him to think that I’m labeling him as a ‘r*pist’”, she continues.

…Harvey chimed in, making light of situation. “This is a kinda tough one for a man to answer because we’ve all done this damn near. Tried it anyway. All of us. I done actually crawled up from the foot of the bed, in an army crawl like I was going under a barb wired fence, under the sheets, trying to get to it … we’ve all tried it. It’s called the sneak-attack so I don’t really know how to answer this,” Harvey explained.

“Y’all live together … he woke you up to make sure you got cleaned up … he told you what he did. A person that did something that they think is really wrong is usually in denial of it,” he continued. “Did he r*pe you? In my estimation, no … you need to stop drinking so you can be in control of yourself, your body, your thought, your mind.”


The comments led to Steve getting dragged all over social media but what are your thoughts?

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  1. This is absolutely disturbing. A woman cannot consent to s-x if she is intoxicated! And then he placed all the blame on her and none on her man, the person who actually violated her? He should know better.

  2. What a s-xist response. So he tells her she should not drink so much so she won’t get r-ped again by her boyfriend? I think it’s gross how men are always urged to never take any responsibility for their poor actions and somehow it’s always the fault of women.

  3. Sham-fu(king-wow.

    He really did the army crawl to sneak attack the stussy? What creeps.

    Now I admire the hubbs for poking my butt and thigh until I wake up! I think I’ll wake him up to thank him for his respect and protection.

    …..these idiots, I cant

  4. People do all kinds of crazy acts and think it is ok, you are not his property to do with as he wishes.

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