Ciara Postpones Tour + Confirms New Album in the Works

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara has reportedly left LA Reid’s Epic Records, and now she’s confirming to fans that she’s postponed her current tour to record a new studio album.

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  1. She’s resilient as f-ck but she needs to just stop releasing albums. The music business has moved on. Modeling is where she needs to focus.

      1. How did Rihanna flop with a #1 on Billboard, a platinum album, ranking 3rd in history with most number 1s, and is the first and only artist in history certified with 100 song awards. All accomplished since the beginning of the year? Oh, and with an upcoming tour?

        Stop relying on Wendell Williams for your Rihanna hate.

        1. So you’re just going to repeat Roc Nation PR fluff? Rihanna’s platinum plaque for Anti was purchased. Samsung bought a million copies and gave them away to Android users for free. She didn’t actually sell a million copies. Pay attention to how little her album has actually sold since getting that purchased platinum plaque. When Jay made the same deal with Samsung for Magna Carta, he still actually sold over half a million copies the first week strictly from consumer sales. He actually went on to sell a million on his own. Rihanna will not. Look at how quickly it has tumbled down the charts. Her first week real sales weren’t even 200,000. That’s why she made the deal with Samsung. She knew her silly fans wouldn’t be smart enough to read the fine print. And another number one single after three failed ones? Ok sis. Her tour is a disaster as well, and she’s had to cancel shows and move the remaining shows from stadiums to smaller arenas. Even Billboard has clocked this era. But it’s poetic in a way because a few years ago, Rihanna got on Twitter and dragged Ciara about her failing career and tour. And now all Rihanna and the Navy have to brag about is a weak number one single, flop tour and a purchased album plaque. It’s truly embarrassing. I don’t like Wendy, but she told no lies. Rihanna will never be considered a legend by sane people. Her weak album sales, weak performances, and noticeable knack for cutting corners has hurt her. But hold on to that PR fluff for dear life. It’s all the Navy has this era.

          1. Rihannas album is platinum. You can cut i, slice it, and dice it however you want it but the face remains that it’s platinum. When Ciara finally hit platinum with her single y’all was doing cartwheels last year…that was the first one she had in almost a decade so she deserved a cookie, I guess. She’s had o cancel a few tour dates, so what? The two hottest female artists in the world right now are Beyonce and Rihanna. And whether Ri has to push back a few dates or not the point remains that she sells out arenas, not clubs…Ciara is the one who performs at the Hard Rock Cafes of life. That’s a failing singer in my opinion. She needs to stick to modeling and that PR relationship she’s got.

          2. Rihanna’s purchased platinum album made her the biggest joke of the industry this year. I don’t even like Beyonce, but at least she ain’t out here purchasing platinum plaques. Stop pretending like Rihanna is on Bey’s level. The delusion! You can shade Ciara all day long, but she takes her flops like a woman. She ain’t running to Samsung asking them to buy her platinum status. Face it, your girl fell off hard. All those number one singles and she still can’t sell albums or tour tickets. Legend? Girl please. No one respects Rihanna but the delusional Navy. She can’t sing, can’t dance and can’t even get her cocky little fans to actually spend coins on her unless it’s a 99 cents single on iTunes. You buy your $10 Anti tour tickets yet or are you too busy streaming her album on Spotify? You know how yall Navy folks do. Ki.

          3. Keep telling yourself Rihanna is a joke as Ciara fades into obscurity and Rihanna continues to break records. No singer will stop a tour ever unless it’s losing money. So y’all C-error stans can believe her bs all you want to but at the end if the day her mediocre ass couldn’t continue a losing tour that had no ticket sales and couldn’t fill venues. Dancing sells out cafes, not arenas. Ain’t nobody, I mean nobody checking for C-errorexcept her pitiful stans. That’s why LA Ried dropped her. But maybe y’all can band together and create a gofundme to help your fave out.

        2. And another thing, I’ve noticed the Navy seems to only care about number one singles. Y’all were humble this era until Werk went number one. Before it went number one, y’all were crying on blogs and Twitter and blaming Jay Z for this flop of an era. But then Werk went number one, and y’all are cocky again. I guess that’s the most important thing to y’all. Y’all do know it takes more than hits and being fashionable to be a legend right?

          1. Girl stop the BS! Y’all continuously blame Ciara’s management team and producers for not getting her the “right kind of music”, and every other bs reason for Ciara’s weak album sales except the fact that your girl is a mediocre singer at best who embarrassed herself singing the National anthem when she hit a note that only dogs could hear. You want to talk about singles? Rihanna has had several, so much so that she’s made history, when Ciara can say the same then we can have a real conversation. Till then it’s one-sided because Jackie didn’t even chart…anywhere…ever. Rihanna is already proving Wendy wrong with her stats, and her records. She’s young with years still to go towards being legendary. Holla at me when Ciara achieves more in life than being Russell Wilson’s wife.

          2. If Ciara is a mediocre singer what is Rihanna? LMAO just stop. Like I said, all those number one singles won’t make Rihanna a legend and you know it. Michael Jackson had number one singles, influence, talent, and the album sales to match. When will Rihanna?

          3. When C-error has enough number 1s that she can even make one list besides a shopping list, we can talk. Until then maybe y’all need to stop trying to shade Rih and actually buy Ci’s struggling albums and singles. She’s the only singer with more stans than album sales.

          4. julyol1972 Album sales shade? You really wanna go there ma’am? I’ll tell you what. The C Squad will start buying albums when y’all stop depending on streaming services to fluff up Rihanna’s lackluster album sales. The nerve of you talking about fans not supporting their faves when y’all got Rihanna out here struggling to sell Anti and her tour tickets. Even when she flops, y’all just can’t be humble. And that is why I will always clock every single one of you. Y’all talk trash about other artists like Rihanna is out here going diamond. She ain’t Adele. She’s ain’t Taylor. She ain’t even Katy or Beyonce. Sit all the way down.

          5. @anonymous You keep trying to shade Rinanna like Ciara is somehow even in the same league as the people you mentioned. She is not even a footnote, yet Rihanna is the one opening up awards shows. When Ciara is invited to be anything but a seatfiller, let me know. Till then Rihanna will continue to slay at life while Ciara sits at home and watches her on tv.

          6. julyol1972 Naw hun I say those names to symbolize how delusional you and the rest of the Navy is. Funny how y’all don’t come for Adele, Taylor, Katy or anyone else who is melanin less. But y’all stay coming for Beyonce, Ciara, and any other black girl who has more talent than Rihanna. Deep down inside y’all know the hit singles ain’t enough, so y’all drag any other black woman who is a real threat to your overrated fave. This is why I drag y’all.

          7. Don’t try to bring Beyonce, Adele, Katy and Taylor into this. All of them are fans of Rih and Rih has just as many accomplishments. I don’t have a problem with any of them and can’t shade none of em cause I rock with all of them. But Ciara is a flop sis. Just accept it.

          8. @anonymous I’ve never shaded Beyonce a day in my life….and never would. So please don’t try to prove a meaningless point by pulling Bey into this discussion. Adele is amazing and I’ve always been a fan. The others don’t matter to me. At the end of the day this is about Ciara not being in the same league as Rihanna. She never will be, and not liking Ciarra doesn’t mean having some vendetta against black women, so stop with the bs talk.

      2. Anonymous now you know I don’t care about your hurt feelings. On Rihanna’s worst era, she still slays Ciara’s entire career. Seethe.

        1. Hurt feelings? Hmm, well you can take a seat next to me since I’m sure you have hurt feelings on the epic flopping Rihanna is doing right now. Remember when y’all said she would go multi platinum? LMAO

          1. Hurt feelings for what? We’re platinum over here. Ciara will never experience that again though. Lmao.

          2. Anti just came out, so she has time to go double platinum. Jackie’s been out for more than a year…did it even go plastic?

          3. Ma’am we’ve accepted Ciara is a flop. Now when will y’all accept this Anti era has been a flop and epic disaster and stop being delusional? LMAO

          4. @anonymous If you’d accepted Ciara is a flop, you wouldn’t be on here trying to prove otherwise. Rihanna was supposed to be a one hit wonder 7 years ago and is still going strong breaking records. You keep waiting for that floppage and we’ll have this same discussion this time next year about her next album, since y’all swear she’s going to flop each and every time.

    1. @My Fave Ends Careers were you not embarrassed for your fave when she had the audacity to jump on Twitter and thank her fans for making Anti platinum when Billboard came out right after and said she has not sold a million copies and Samsung’s purchases would not be counted? That’s when I realized Rihanna is one of the most insecure Pop stars of all time. Number one singles is all she will ever have and it burns her.

  2. I love Ciara but if she ain’t getting back to her roots like her first 2 albums and putting in some serious work in she wasting her time. In order for her to get to where she wants to be in her singing career again. She is going to have to put all her time into her music and get with the right producers she has her work cut out for her but I’m still pulling for her.

  3. Ciara’s first love will always be music. No one has a right to tell her to stop doing what she loves. I support her.

    1. Agree..smdh..never surprises me the criticism black(female)artists gets from other black women. Perhaps that’s why overrated Taylor Swift continues to get album of the year etc..

  4. Here we go with the comparison thing. Why is it we have to compare people Ciara is beautiful and talented on her own. You say Ciara then someone seems to always want to throw Rihanna’s name out there or Beyoncé. All of these beautiful BLACK women have accomplished a lot in their young lives some more than the other but that should not nor does not diminish the other ones accomplishments. We should be rooting for all of them! Much love to ALL my black sister in this every day struggle call life keep your head up.?

    1. So true it sad. Some of the comments get so venomous,I’ll never understand it.I’ve bobbed my head to all their music.

  5. And another thing, don’t run on here and scream unity among black singers when Rihanna and her nasty stans have no problems making fun of other black women in the business! Now that Rihanna has fallen off, yall want peace? Nope!

  6. Ciara is a great performer. So part of me keeps hoping she will come out with some hot music so she can tear the stage up like the good old days.

    1. Boo World War 3 would be King Bey coming on here to drag folks. Until then, this is a mild one Lol!!

  7. It’s unfortunate Rihanna and Ciara’s fans are still bickering after all these years. Both ladies have moved on. I wish fans would so the same.

    1. All these years? You do know Rihanna has shaded Ciara multiple times, right? The last time she came for Ciara was just three years ago. Rihanna has not changed. She has a nasty attitude and that’s why Anti flopped. It’s called karma.

  8. Funny how Rihanna’s name was mentioned to pull focus off Ciara’s dismal career. Her stans need to be salty at her for taking their money and not only underperforming, but canceling the rest of the tour. They don’t realize yet that she did them and the world a favor, but that has nothing to do with Rihanna.

    1. She didn’t cancel her tour she moved the dates. You should be understanding of that considering how Rihanna has done the same and you still swore she was “slaying”. LMAO

      I will bring up Rihanna every single time the navy comes on here trying to Ki about Ciara. Deal with it.

      1. Rihanna moved tour dates for a tour that is going around the world to sold out venues. Ciara moved dates for a tour that couldn’t even fill stadiums in the US, and now is selling a bs story that only her stans are eating up. Rihanna’s “flop album” still outsold and will continue to outsell Ciara’s, and that is with or without a tour. If you want to spend your time trying to prove otherwise, be my guest. I’ll just sit here and laugh while you try. Lmao!

        1. I guess lying is a requirement to be a part of the Navy. I can’t blame you. Your fave lies about her accomplishments all the time too. If Rihanna was really as successful as you claim, you wouldn’t even keep entertaining me. You keep responding because you know I said nothing but the truth and you’re bothered about this lackluster era. Rihanna’s tour did not sell out. She moved venues because ticket sales are slow and she can’t fill seats. She went from stadiums to smaller arena venues sis. Billboard has clocked all of this. Just stop sis. Rihanna flopped. It happens but if y’all didn’t spend so much time shading other singers for their flops, we wouldn’t feel the need to drag you about Rihanna’s latest flop. We can keep going if you like. You say I’m just a lowly Ciara stan but here you are entertaining me on this blog all day. I guess we’re on the same level.

    1. Right. But now they want to play victim. I’m so tired of them coming for other black singers.

      1. So stating where Ciara failed in her dismal singing career is “coming for other black singers”? Girl stop with the victim talk. Y’all stans are truly pathetic for that one.

        1. Funny how you don’t mind pointing out Ciara’s failures but when I point out Rihanna’s, it’s a problem. LMAO

          Thanks for proving my point. Yall love to point out black singers flops, but God forbid the tables turn on the Navy and Rihanna.

          And don’t worry hun. Rihanna comes for other black singers enough on her own, so y’all don’t have to (but do so anyway). That’s why Rihanna is where is now. Flop era, flop album, flop tour..we call it karma.

          1. Us pointing out Ciara’s flops are factual, you “pointing out” Rihanna’s is selective and subjective only. No one here is coming for black singers, we’re talking about Ciara’s failures…singular woman, not plural. So again, stop trying to play the victim card.

            Rihanna will never be a flop, but in order to feel good about Ciara’s lack of a career y’all will pull that move. Continue with that gofundme for Ciara and we’ll sit over here and watch Rihanna break more records. Karma is Ciara being droppped from her label, canceling her tour dates and having an album that couldn’t even get sold on Groupon!

          2. Rihanna will never be a flop? My goodness you are a delusional and history rewriting bunch.

            Rihanna’s first album…FLOP. Meanwhile Ciara’s went multiplatinum.
            Rihanna’s first three singles all flopped, so she scrapped them from the album completely.
            Anti only got 460 downloads on Tidal the first few hours it was released on the app…now compare that to Kanye getting 500,000 in the same time frame…
            Samsung had to buy a million copies to save face, aside from Samsung she hasn’t even sold 300k
            Her tour is already a mess and tickets aren’t selling so she had to switch to smaller venues…

            Can you even tell me the last time Rihanna went multi platinum in the US? No?

            Flop. Now you can keep harping on Ciara’s flops, but Lord forbid you actually admit Rihanna’s current shortcomings. And that is why I will continue to clock all of you by myself. You are the rudest, most childish, and self hating fan base there is. You all are quick to point out another black singer’s short comings, but can never admit when Rihanna fails, which she does and is doing right now. Now stay on topic, eh?

          3. You keep talking about “clocking” folks on here. You didn’t clock anyone, all you’re doing is deflecting from Ciara’s failures and making it about Rihanna. Her first album as a 17 year old may’ve been a flop in your opinion, but Ciara had established producers working for her and already knew folks in the industry. She has never been able to replicate that early success. You can come for Rih all day, but she’s the one charting, with a new tour and the sales to boot. Jackie will remain a failed tour and album, and Ciara will remain a footnote in the music industry.

          4. julyol1972 Yet, you’re still here! I ate dinner, had time to do my hair for the week, and you’re still responding to ME, a lowly Ciara stan debating me about Rihanna’s “success”. If you really believe she’s on top like you claim, why are YOU still here? Do you see any other stans of successful singers here tonight, arguing with the stan of a flop? Of course not. Their fave’s success speaks for itself and they don’t have anything to prove or debate. I’m starting to think it’s because you don’t believe any of the mess you keep typing, especially when it comes to album sales and tours. Let me guess…you’ll be responding to this too even though Rihanna is sooooooo successful. LMAO.

          5. @anonymous I’ll continue to respond to the pathetic stan who jumped on a non-Rihanna post and tried to downgrade her achievements because their fave continues to fail at life. I watched the red carpet on E, did three loads of laundry, and ate dinner and all the while you were proofing my comments. Don’t act like my responding is anything more than putting you in your place. You couldn’t handle the fact that no one cares about Ciara so you, and only you jumped on and made this a bash Rihanna session.

            I’m watching the Oscars honey, I’ve got time. So I’ll be here as long as is necessary to keep schooling you on the facts and remind you of your fave’s failures.

            Keep @ me….you know you’re going to. Lmao!!!

          6. julyol1972 You’re just as pathetic as I am. Arguing over the “success” of a singer to a fan of someone you deem inferior. No wonder Rihanna has been able to fool her stans for so long. Y’all are a simple bunch. On here dragging Ciara about album sales when no one outside of the Navy is impressed by Rihanna’s. Struggling tour, purchased platinum plaque, 3 failed singles just to get one number one, and you have the nerve to keep talking about how much of a flop Ciara is. LMAO Oh yeah, you’re so confident about your fave. And it shows! This era is a flop and you know it. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t still be on here arguing with a “pathetic” stan. So how much flopping will Rih do? I got a few guesses.

  9. lmao at these stan wars..ciara and rih are both more successful than all the people commenting on this blog

    1. Which is why I’m lost on this back and forth. Both of them have bigger bank accounts than all of us combined, so do we really have room to point and laugh at either? Absolutely not.

  10. Well this post went in a direction I wasn’t expecting. Anyway, I think it may be too late for her to make a comeback but you never know.

    1. Ciara is a proven flop…Rihanna didn’t lie

      Teyana Taylor laughed at Rihanna’s face after she was beaten by Chris and lost her career in the process….Rihanna had nothing to do with her karma

      TLC came for Rihanna in a interview, and got dragged for it.

      Get your facts together before you try to your reality the truth!

  11. My Faves Ends Careers and Anonymous have been going back and forth since last year. That’s on them. I don’t have a problem with Ciara and not all Navy dislikes Ciara. I’m indifferent to her actually. So let’s not turn this into a Anti-Navy thread please (pun intended).

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