Ex of Donda West Claims She Enabled Kanye’s Behavior at a Young Age

Willie Scott dated Donda West while Kanye was a teen, and he tells the Daily Mail the rapper’s behavior is what caused things to go left.

Apparently the former couple lived together for four years, and there were a lot of problems that led to their breakup.

Willie tells the Daily Mail:

He said the tension between he and the rapper could have been avoided had his lover been less supportive of her son and more of him.

‘We talked about the fact that she didn’t discipline him. We went to a counselor to try and get things smoothed out. But her mind was on him being a millionaire.’

He said Dr West would often describe her son as a ‘genius,’ instilling a no-nonsense confidence in him and appreciating his love for music and writing.

He added: ‘He was the only child and she loved him to death. She was locked into him period.’

With Kanye in the middle between them, Scott said he realized after four years living under the same roof that the relationship could go no further.

‘Eventually I asked that he and Donda to move out.

‘He had to take the responsibility for living here and he wasn’t really willing to do that.’

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  1. Honestly I could see that. Not sure why he’s talking to the Daily Fail tho. Nothing wrong with instilling a healthy dose of self confidence in your children, but that egomaniacal behavior of Kanye’s didn’t start overnight.

  2. I pretty much figured this much. It’s good to teach your child to love themselves and be confident, but you can’t forget to teach them compassion/respect for others and how to take personal responsibility. Regardless, Kanye is grown now, so it’s his job to want to be a better person.

    1. I agree. His mom enabled him but no one is stopping him from changing. Yet he hasn’t and doesn’t seem to plan on changing either. And his wife and her family don’t make things any better by all the enabling they do. He keeps them relevant with his meltdowns so they don’t want him to get help.

  3. She meant well but helped create a monster in the process. But this explains why Kanye didn’t even hold the door open for Kim while she was pregnant, or while he sits pretty in the car and watches her pump his gas. His mom taught him that he’s a king and everyone’s purpose is to serve him.

  4. I really used to think his mom was the one who put some sense in his head but this kind of makes sense. I think Kanye was always a egotistical douche bag but he hid it better back in the day and made good enough music that people didn’t feel the need to analyze his personality anyway. But now that his music sucks, we can’t help but notice how messed up he is.

  5. It’s obvious his mother taught him to be the way he is and other women in his life just keep the cycle going because they don’t stand up to him. Well besides Amber. She’s the only woman who ever checked him and had the courage to leave him, and that’s why he’s obsessed with her.

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