Swizz Beatz Confirms Kanye’s Need for Attention

Kanye caught a lot of backlash for the lyrics about Taylor Swift, and many felt he was out of line.

However, Swizz Beatz claims the reaction was what he really wanted.

Business Insider writes:

Swizz Beatz is listed as a producer on “Ultralight Beams” and is a featured vocalist on “Famous,” arguably West’s most infamous song on the album.

“Famous” instantly sparked a sharp reaction for its unflattering reference to Taylor Swift. Early in the song, West mentions Taylor and says, “I made that b—- famous.”

The outraged reactions were expected, though, Swizz Beatz said.

“That’s what Kanye wanted to do,” he said. “If he didn’t get that reaction, something would be wrong. You know the lights are on and it’s showtime when you get that reaction, like, ‘Oh, that’s Kanye. Here we go.'”

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  1. Already an egomaniac and now married to the biggest media whore in the world….I hope nobody expected different.

  2. Well that’s Kanye for you. He’s not about the music anymore. He’s about feeding his huge ego only.

  3. Well this is what Kanye has always been about. He just hid it better when he was making deeper and more quality music.

  4. Of course he did. He says Taylor needed him to become big time but he needs her name to stay relevant. It’s funny how those tables turn.

  5. Well you can listen to his latest albums and hear that he’s more concerned with staying famous than his actual legacy. Shock value is something he truly loves more than anything else.

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