Nia Long Defends #AllLivesMatter

In an interview with  Eurweb, Nia explains what she meant by using the #AllLivesMatter hashtag on Twitter, and she feels the message wasn’t disrespectful in the least bit.

Eurweb writes:

We caught up with Long after a recent TCA panel for her upcoming ABC series “Uncle Buck,” and the actress explained that one of her girlfriends is a lawyer for The Innocence Project. “I do some work with them,” she said, explaining the context of her post.

In using the #AllLivesMatter hashtag, Long said she was referring to people who are incarcerated for crimes they didn’t commit: “I’m thinking in general lives, meaning everyone. And it’s like a hashtag just changes the whole trajectory of your popularity on social media!”

“At the end of the day, I don’t care who you are,” she continued. “If you’re in jail for something you did not do, you should be exonerated. At the end of the day, we are all human beings. So yes, all lives do matter. And it’s not a disrespect, and it’s not a campaign. It’s just what I think.”

She explains further:

“I know when I became a mom, I just became a lot more compassionate and open towards everyone because the one thing that we all have in common is a soul and feelings and it doesn’t matter what your background is and who you are and what you look like. It’s like we all know what it feels like to cry, to laugh, to hurt, you know?”

You can listen to a snippet of the audio below:

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  1. She sounds ignorant. She’s black and really doesn’t understand the concept behind #BlackLivesMatter? How disappointing.

  2. I like Nia but she really just doesn’t get it and it’s really pissing me off. She really doesn’t realize everytime she says all lives matter it dims the light on the black lives matter movement. I would really like her to explain her position to Sabrina Fulton, Samaria Rice, Geneva Reed Veal and Lucia McBath women who lost their children because of the color their skin say that sh-t with a straight face to these women Nia.

  3. She’s too old to be saying this silly sh-t but then again, she’s the same one that tried to make light of marriage and put being a baby mama on a pedestal. Eventually it was proven she was just lying and trying to convince herself she was happy, because she was showing nothing but teeth when she finally got that proposal. Nia is beautiful but she ain’t the smartest cookie in the box.

  4. Take your old young looking c–n a-s on Nia…. You having a black son should be the reason you scream #BlackLivesMatter ! I wonder if the white folks will march for you after (God forbid) anything happen to him…

  5. This b-tch has shown her bird tendencies over the years. So I can’t even act surprised she said this dumb sh-t. When a grown a-s person can’t understand the simple concept of #BlackLivesMatter, they should just shut the f-ck up and stick to talking about reality shows and the Kardashians and how amazing Donald Trump is.

    1. I love your comment because you’ve pretty summarized all the people who are against #BlackLivesMatter: ignorant minorities who need to feel like special snowflakes (that includes blacks, asians, latinos etc. who tend to love the Kardashians and are more knowledgeable about pop culture than the truth behind crime statistics of black on black crime/white on white crime), and white trash who make up 99% of the Republican base (Fox News fans). Thinking is asking way too much of these people. Thank you.

  6. She’s ignorant like all the other people who jump up and shout #AllLivesMatter when we protest bad cops. If all lives really mattered, we would have never had slavery, segregation, crooked cops who kill blacks for sport, the KKK and racism against minorities in 2016. So no, all lives have never mattered in the USA. But we will continue to fight for our rights and progress, as we have always had to do.

  7. Girl…yeah, I’m no longer a fan. I’m just scratching people off my list of faves right about now because this is not the time for black celebs to be throwing us under the bus and tap dancing. Too much is on the line. So I’m good on her. Zoe is off the list too.

  8. What is it about “Black Lives Matter” that celebrities don’t get? It’s not saying only Black lives matter, it’s saying Black lives also matter when it comes to abuse by police. Theses celebrities are so out of touch it’s not even funny anymore. It’s becoming severely problematic since so many are calling for celebrities to speak out. “Black Lives Matter” is all about compassion, but Nina is too much of a dolt to realize it.

  9. Yeah I am pretty much wit every1 else on this……she is too stupid to understand that the “All lives matters” campaign was started to draw attn away from the “Black Lives matters” campaign smh….guess she can’t afford a publicist anymore

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