Watch: Bravo Releases First Look at RHOA Season Eight Reunion

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s about that time. Season eight of RHOA is almost over, and now Bravo has released a first look at the reunion.

And if this preview is any indication of what to expect, it’s looking as if this could be another explosive reunion.

Click next for the details.

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    1. Well I’m sure his anger for her has been just building for a while. Did she even pay him for that video yet? She’s trash.

    2. Do you really want to call someone a fraud when you stan for Kenya? LOL. So, how much did she pay Matt to be there?

  1. I’m really surprised at Nene and Porsha getting into it. That should be interesting. I hope Kim really stood up for herself this time.

    1. I’m really not here for Nene and Porsha going at it. I like both so I can’t choose a side even if I wanted to.

  2. I thought Nene was too busy for RHOA let alone, a reunion. Interesting. Kenya looks beautiful as always.

  3. Dammit imam have to watch it on my phone cause I’m at work…LOL I’ll be back with my sentiments

  4. Yasssss I am here for Kim shutting Kenya down….but I wonder what is going on wit Nene and Porsha……..even though they were throwing lil bits of shade at each other all season….but from looking at this..are any of them friends???? Seems like they all work in an office and people just come for the check LOL

    1. Nene said she felt that Porsha was being too extra with certain things this season. I think she means all the twerking, etc. Personally I really like Porsha, and finally getting a lode-stone like Hammerhead (Kordell) from around their neck would make anybody twerk, to be honest. Lol!

      1. LMAO oh Nene needs to stop. Porsha has enuff hate fr Kenya alone. Nene needs to think about when she was in her 30’s and what she was doing. Older people always wanna lift they nose up and look down on some1 when they forgot they were about that life 15,20,30+ yrs prior. I like Porsha too……they need to just let her be great. She is fenjoying her life now.

    1. I’m sorry but he comes off as slow to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was hiding a See n’ Say under his seat to help with his sentences. Lmao!

      1. LMAO this the best Kenya can do….he does come off a lil special Ed ….smh I hope when I get older I’m married and I don’t turn into a cougar…..cause a 28 yr old man ain’t on my level and I’m around that age now lol

  5. I think Porsha is just tired of Nene going on about her incidents with Kenya and Cynthia. Nene is basically saying Porsha has a temper and is out of control and Porsha just decided to remind her that she has a past too. I like Nene but she really can’t go there. We’ve seen her try to get violent with Kim Zolciak and she just went off last night on someone on Instagram.

  6. It’s funny how Todd has a problem with Phaedra talking about him but when him and Kandi stayed in her business it wasn’t a problem. Todd and Kandi so stupid they let Apollo play them like some fools. It just blows my mind how Todd is trying to shame Phaedra about Apollo shady mess but you still continuing being that person’s friend and won’t shame him for his own wrongdoing.

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