Russell Wilson’s Ex Wife Shades Ciara?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara and Russell Wilson’s engagement made headlines and caused numerous debates, and while many people are happy about the couple’s big news, many suspected Ciara’s ex Future would rain on their parade.

Future has remained quiet about the engagement, but it appears Russell’s ex-wife has decided to be shady.

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  1. Ashton’s hoe a-s needs to move the f-ck on. Stalking Ciara and Russell on the blogs ain’t gon change a got damn thing. Ain’t no man trying to be with a woman who doesn’t mind f-cking his teammates.

    1. She can’t. She knows she messed up and can’t recover. The world know she’s a cheating skank who ruined her marriage to sleep with his teammate at the time.

  2. She needs to get a life. And she probably had to put up this old picture because he took the ring back. LOL

    1. That’s what I’m saying. And is that ring keeping Ashton warm at night and taking her on lavish vacations? Oops.

  3. I bet she wouldn’t have shaded or cared if he had moved on to another white woman. It must be killing her that her ex husband is loving and showing off a black woman more than he did her. Bye Becky!

  4. I actually like Ciara’s ring better. But does it really matter whose ring is better when one person couldn’t even keep the man? Ashton is such a joke. Her friends must not love her if they haven’t sat her down and told her she’s playing herself yet.

  5. I hate when exes try to get cute. Girl you’re the ex for a reason. He left you and upgraded. Take that ring and shove it.

  6. Damn Ashton you really look stupid you had the man,married to him. But you just had to F it up. Get over it I’m sure you saw the look on Ciara’s face when she looks at Russell NO way she giving him up to know one. Move on your loss.

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