Marlo Hampton Still Feels Some Kind of Way About NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Marlo Hampton hasn’t been much of a factor on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” since she fell out with NeNe Leakes, and to this day she claims NeNe made a phone call to get her pushed out the show.

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    1. Exactly. Everyone knows you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Now she claims she put Nene on to fashion, but Nene put her on Bravo. You don’t play around with the people who help you eat. She thought Kenya would be able to do more for her but she was sadly mistaken, and now she can’t even get any decent camera time with the self proclaimed “new queen” of RHOA. LOL.

      1. I’m not sure what Kenya has to do with this. Kenya treats Marlo better than Nene ever did that’s for sure.

  1. Nene is the one who brought her on RHOA if I recall it correctly. They got into it because Marlo decided to be shady and clique up with Kenya after her and NeNe fell out. So Nene didn’t have to keep filming with someone she felt was being shady if she doesn’t want to. If anything, Marlo needs to figure out why Kenya hasn’t been fighting to get her back on the show.

  2. Marlo burned her own bridges. She ruined her chances of getting a peach because she was homophobic and Andy wasn’t having it, she blew her chances with Nene because she let Kenya get in her ear, and now she can’t do much more than these lame interviews because she wants to blame someone else for her stupid business decisions. I never cared for her anyway.

  3. Did she really expect Nene to want to film with her when she ran up on her and tried to humiliate her at that event two seasons ago?

    1. Exactly. And this is why Nene cut her off. She’s always throwing her weak little shade. I wouldn’t film with her either. Let Kenya make those phone calls for her and get her back on the show.

  4. Marlo can stay right where she is because she brings absolutely nothing to the show. I’d rather have Sheree back anyway.

  5. She sounds real entitled. No one has to do her any favors, especially when she’s as messy as she is. And doesn’t she let old white men take care of her anyway? So why is she so bothered about this? Last time I checked, being a sugar baby kept her paid. What happened?

  6. I think Nene did do her dirty. When she gets mad at people she will use her power and try to get them kicked off the show. She even tried it with Cynthia but Bravo wasn’t having it. Nene is notorious for trying to get people fired.

  7. Marlo just needs to get over it because all this whining ain’t gonna change things. She was on thin ice with Bravo anyway because of how insensitive she was to the gay community. And she’s never going to get a peach so maybe she should get a real career now and stop leeching off people.

  8. I don’t understand why some of y’all cape so hard for Nene out of all people. It’s not like Marlo told any lies. Nene gets really petty when people stop taking her ish and yes, she will try to get a person fired with the quickness. I just don’t feel sorry for Marlo because I never liked her. She thought it was cute to be a little attack dog for Nene and now that Nene threw her under a bus, she’s in her feelings. Oh well!

    1. That’s what I need to know. She was on one episode I think this season and her little cameo was online five minutes.

    2. I would love to know as well since all she has to talk about is Nene, a woman who no longer entertains her.

  9. Marlo just wants some attention as usual. Most of us have totally forgotten about her now that Sheree is back. Anyway I’m ready for the reunion!

  10. I think Marlo has a right to be upset. Nene was wrong to try to get her off the show. She may not have specifically asked for Marlo to be let go but she knew what the result would be by refusing to film with her.

  11. Girl, you weren’t even getting paid….shut up! Next time someone put you on, don’t bite their hand. Let this be a lesson!

  12. Marlo did this to herself. She, like so many others, thought Kenya was going to be the next “star” of RHOA only to learn that her “star” power had very little reach. If Kenya had any real pull on the set she would have been able to secure a spot for Marlo. Also, according to the blogs, Marlo never had a paying role so one could argue she never had a “job” on RHOA to begin with.

  13. So if she wasn’t getting paid to be on there, then what’s her gripe??????? She’s trying to get filmed for free for what, more exposure?? That’s what Backpage is for lol

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