Erica Dixon & Lil Scrappy Get Back Together?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy get back together?

The former couple has been taking shots at one another plenty on social media and in interviews, but it appears even that restraining order Erica got against Scrappy may not prevent them from reuniting.

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    1. And that’s all this is. But I can’t fault Erica too much because Scrappy has been doing whatever necessary to keep those VH1 checks coming in too. If he’s dealing with Erica again it means his storyline has been lacking and he’s trying to stir up some drama so he won’t join her in the unemployment line.

    2. Erica didn’t think she would be fired. She’s lost and has no idea what to do with herself. I read an interview from her like a week ago and she was talking about she’s too pretty to not model and she’s thinking about moving to LA to see if she can find some work. I guess reality set in and she’s back to trying to get in good with Scrappy and Mona again. She’s being lazy and she should put her time and energy into doing her own thing without Scrappy. She needs a good manager though.

    1. I gave up seasons ago. Erica will talk so much junk about how Scrappy is a momma’s boy who won’t pay child support but when he calls, she’ll go back running. And now that she’s been fired she really wants to be back in his life and get her spot on the show back. It’s pathetic.

  1. And this happened after he sent flowers to Bambi and was shouting her out on IG? Tragic. Erica needs some self esteem. I know she’s upset she was fired and wants back on the show but this ain’t worth it.

  2. I’m not surprised at all. Erica is obviously an opportunist and desperate to be back on TV. I don’t dislike her but I gotta call a spade a spade.

  3. I know they are not about to make that tired a-s love triangle a storyline again. Nobody gives a sh-t about Scrappy, his senile a-s mother, Bambi and Erica’s boring a-ses. Mona just won’t let LHHATL be good again now will she?

  4. Since the 1st season I knew she was a bird with low self worth. How you calling him a deadbeat father but go on vacation with him? That’s why I say Remy and Pap the the only real relationship on the entire franchise

  5. Her coins are getting low. Scrappy ain’t paying child support, she lost her baller, she lost her job on LHHA and who’s really going to be checking for her now? Watch her slither her way back just in time for the next season. But like someone already said Scrappy needs her too. He’s not interesting when he doesn’t have Erica around to fight with.

  6. They have a bond, and Scrappy should just marry Erica. She will always be around, and she is a permanent fixture in his life. He loves that woman, cuz during the reunion; he was heated, and fired up. Can’t no one get under anyone’s skin like that not unless you are still in love. He loves her, and the passion will never die, and no other woman can put that fire out. Her reaction, when Scrappy said that Bambi would have an upgrade on her ring; Erica looked hurt by that comment. Your mouth can spill all untrues, but your body language always reveals the truth

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