Karrueche Tran May Snatch a Major Gig

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran has passed up opportunities to head to VH1 and star in a Mona Scott Young production but rumor has it she may still make her way to the network via the now revamped, “America’s Next Top Model.”

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    1. Nah. Since we’re only talking about her because she’s Chris’ ex, that’s what she’ll keep being referred as. Lmao.

  1. Please this girl can’t dress, and can’t even model properly! No talent whatsoever. Only gets work because of Chris. Pathetic!

  2. Why? And Kendall Jenner? Who’s next? Amber Rose? I’m so tired of this era of making non talented people famous and giving them jobs they don’t deserve.

    1. Kendall has been modeling for a long time and has been featured in high end magazines and worked with well known designers. I can understand why the network would choose her as a host but I think she’s better suited as a judge.

      1. Angie I don’t know why you always feel compelled to challenge people on their opinions on the Kardashians. I don’t have to like them or share your positive opinions on them. I don’t take Kendall seriously because she’s not a good model and her family’s connections helped her get those bookings with those “well known designers” you speak of. Her walk is trash and she has the same dumb look on her face in every shoot she does. A Naomi Cambell and Giselle Bundchen she will never be. So let’s agree to disagree, k? You have a good evening.

        1. When have I ever defended a Kardashians? Never! Lol I don’t agree with you and that’s fine but don’t sit up here and say I’m some Kardashian fan because am not. You must have me confused with someone else.

          1. Well I’m drunk so it ain’t out the possibility that I got you confused with someone else. It’s too many people to keep up with on here when you’ve had too many drinks. LOL good night sis.

        2. What are you sipping on tonight? But you’re getting Angie mixed up with Jessica. Jessica is the one who will debate anyone on here over the Kardashians. Im Sayin is also a Kardashian stan but she’s calmed down a lot.

          1. Thank you! Lol I thought I was crazy because I could have sworn I never said nothing about those Kastrashians. But it’s all good, blame it on the alcohol.

  3. I think this works since Instagram models are all the rage right now. It’s not like ANTM is producing super models anyway.

  4. Why tho? Her work as a “stylist” was mediocre at best and she dressed horribly until most recently. Eh, they can do better!

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