Tidal Recovers

According to Billboard, Tidal now has millions of subscribers and more artists have jumped on board for ownership privileges.

And exclusive releases have also helped too.

Billboard writes:

The most significant number for Tidal’s bottom line, and an impressive one in its first 12 months, is its announcement yesterday (March 29) that it had surpassed three million subscribers — adding 2.5 million to the 540,000 at its launch — for a service that does not have a free tier. Its HiFi platform, which goes for $19.99/month compared to its regular tier at $9.99, accounts for 45 percent of those subscriptions, the service says, extrapolating out to around 1.35 million subscribers. Much of this can presumably be attributed to the Tidal-only exclusive on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo; back in October 2015, Jay hosted a star-studded Barclays Center show to celebrate the service passing one million subscribers, and some reports indicated that that number doubled after Pablo was released Feb. 14. Regardless, it still means the company lags far behind Spotify (30 million) and Apple Music (11 million) in the streaming wars.


Tidal seems to be on the right track but only time will tell if it can see the same numbers as Spotify and Apple Music in the future.

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  1. I honestly think Apple will be the last one standing. Streaming services are just bad investments and lose more money than they make. Tidal is going to have to add more to the platform to survive. I don’t even think Spotify is going to last.

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