Keshia Knight Pulliam and Amber Rose Have An Awkward Conversation

Apparently Amber Rose was talking about the injustices women go through and things got weird when she decided to bring up Bill Cosby during her recent appearance on Keshia’s podcast, “Kandidly Keshia.”

And that’s when Keshia Knight Pulliam politely shut her down.

Tattle Tailzz writes:

“Anything a man can do…we can do,” Rose said. “Sometimes I get very frustrated when I see guys call girls hoes or when people like…stick up for Bill Cosby, like 52 women are just lying”

Pulliam quickly jumped in saying, “Let me just say this real quick… cause I feel you and everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But, you know we still live in a country where you’re innocent until proven guilty, and I understand everything that’s happened and me being a feminist and believing women. No means no and I get that. But, just so you know I did work with him for a really long time and I love him dearly still and that isn’t the man that I know.

Pulliam then changed the subject by asking Rose, “How did you come up with your Slut Walk?”

Check out the video below via the Ryan Cameron Show on Atlanta’s V-103:

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  1. That effortless shade though. Women like Keshia know how to shade you in an educated way and if you’re not smart enough, you may not even catch on to the fact that you have been shaded. I’m gonna assume it went right over Amber’s head since she’s made it pretty clear that she isn’t the sharpest tool in the tool box already.

    1. Educated women will shade you without even needing to utter one curse word and a smile on our face.

  2. I saw that Bill Cosby emoji Amber is selling as well. I wonder what she’s going to do when he sues her for slander.

  3. Wanda and Ryan could barely keep themselves from laughing because it’s so clear to everyone now how dumb Amber is. You can tell she just learned classism is a word like a month ago. And she can’t even tell you what it means.

  4. Amber had no idea what she was even talking about. She just threw a few “isms” together in one sentence but really said a whole bunch of nothing. Feminists ought to be mad she’s in the forefront of the movement right now.

  5. Amber keeps collecting l’s. I don’t care about Pill Cosby but why even bring that man up? She knew what she was doing. She was trying to be messy but Keshia was able to shut her down in a classy way. And that followup question about her slut walk? Flawless shade.

  6. I wish Amber would just take a long break from the media but I’m sure that’s not going to happen anytime soon since she’s just another Kim Kardashian. I can’t believe I used to like her.

      1. LOL. I forgot you’re a Kardashian stan for whatever reason. But I agree. Amber only hated Kim in the beginning because she really wants to be her. And now she’s trying her hardest to be just like Kim. Whatever Kim does, Amber goes out her way to do too. It’s actually stalker like.

        1. Amber has also started praising Kim in all of her interviews now. Meanwhile Kim says nothing about her. She’s not smart enough to see that she’s been played.

  7. Amber needs to shut her bald headed a-s up. She’s a f-cking idiot and I don’t doubt that’s why Kanye never allowed her simple a-s to talk when they were together.

  8. Amber just keeps making a fool out of herself. Don’t claim you’re a true feminist when you can’t even properly discuss the movement. Every interview she does is cringe worthy.

    1. She did but I’m glad she did. Now we have even more evidence of how idiotic Amber is. I couldn’t help but laugh after she couldn’t gather her thoughts and could only bring up classism again without actually explaining what it is.

  9. I like Amber but her stance on Bill Cosby is wrong. Don’t use the man for publicity just cause you wanna call yourself a feminist or sell some stupid emojis. You can support and advocate for women’s rights all day but that doesn’t mean supporting women who clearly lied about Bill to further their agenda just because they’re women. She needs to go read up on the word “feminist” and what it truly means.

  10. Amber certainly brought that up intentionally. She’ll do anything for publicity. But seriously I hate when people say that isn’t the person I know. Unless youre attached at the hip you can’t vouch for a person’s character.

  11. I think it’s real low for people to try to pressure anyone from The Cosby Show to talk about Bill Cosby right now. The cast has not done anything wrong and they aren’t the ones accused of rape. Baiting them and trying to bully them into turning on that man is just so low. Leave them alone. As for Bill, he will have his day in court. Until then calling him guilty is defamation of character and Amber just put herself in position to be the next person he sues. But as always, Amber will do anything for attention. She’s trash.

  12. Amber clearly had it planned all along to bring up Bill to get some buzz. Who will this bird not bring up to get attention? So two weeks ago it was Beyonce, this week Bill, who’s the next talented person she plans on using for attention for her flop book and slut walk?

  13. Been a Keshia stan and this just makes me love her more. She ain’t got to bash Bill if she doesn’t want to. Her time with him is positive and she ain’t gonna turn her back on him unless he loses his case. I think that’s fair. Not everyone wants to join the damn witch hunt. Some of us believe innocent until proven guilty and trying to beat us down into dragging this man is ridiculous. It’s open season on anyone who refuses to drag Bill and I think that’s sick.

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