Round of Applause: Tiffany Pollard Checks Laura Govan About Colorism

When asked about why she told the tasteless joke, Laura claims she meant no harm and she’s a black woman who was just joking.

That’s when Tiffany clapped back and told her she’s not a black woman and that’s why the remark was out of line.

Laura then stated that her dad and children are black and so that makes her a black woman.

And that’s when Tiffany finished her off.

Tiffany says:

“Then why f*cking bring it up? If you are black, then why bring that up?

“Why make tone such a subject to say…if you are black, and you’re standing in it, stand in it in all shades.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. It’s weird to see New York educating someone on colorism. She has a lot more sense than Laura Govan that’s for sure but I was just shocked to hear this come from her. I think I’m starting to like her.

    1. She may be a ratchet drama queen we love watching on reality shows, but she’s still a black woman of darker skin so I’m sure that comment from Laura made her feel some kind of way.

      1. Laura thinks she is better than a brown skinned and dark skinned women. We must think we still have slave names, living in plantation country and race still exist.

    2. I think about this whole thing about light skinned vs. dark skinned it is so stupid. The white people are divided us up so we can hate each other. We have different types of skinned tones and that make us beautiful and unique.

  2. When did Laura become black? She’s always referred to herself as mixed. How convenient for her to become black after she got dragged up and down social media for that ignorant “joke.”

    1. Exactly. So now she’s black. But before she was mixed and she said all the black girls were jealous of her for being mixed. She’s such a loser.

  3. Well said. I can’t stand colorists in the black community. We have enough problems as it is to still be stuck on the dark skinned and light skinned crap. We really need to stop being so insensitive to our darker skinned sisters. The Nina Simone/Zoe Saldana thing showed me there are still many of us who don’t care about dark skinned people and their struggles.

  4. Eh, this is typical for Laura. I’m not sure why she’s trying to pretend she was just joking. The good thing is Tiffany saw right through her and called her out properly.

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