Reality Star Claims Trey Songz Caused Strife in Her Marriage

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Trey Songz brags about breaking up relationships in his music quite often, and he’s also been accused of causing problems in real life too.

Now a reality star claims the singer caused some strife between her and her husband.

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  1. Trey stay hoeing. He’s been a R&B THOT for years. I’m not even surprised he would try to f-ck Kendra married and all. He gives not one single f-ck.

  2. Trey ain’t gonna stop until someone royally whoops his a-s. I know he thinks he’s hard but he’s not. He needs to leave people and their relationships alone.

  3. I needed to know that like I needed a hole in my head. Anything to hype that lil reality show, huh Kendra?

  4. Trey is a disrespectful hoe…..he isn’t gonna be happy until some1 takes his looks of life away fr the crap he does

  5. I knew that was coming. I saw them on Kocktails w/Khole and he was pretty brazen. I knew Hank would have a fit. The flowers probably added insult to injury. Who does that? She likes to flirt but he embarrassed her.

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