Biggie’s Daughter Calls out Diddy (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Diddy recently revealed he is doing a Bad Boy reunion tour, and although folks are excited to see their childhood favorites, the decision hasn’t impressed everybody.

In fact, Biggie’s daughter recently called him out on Twitter.

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  1. I’m not even surprised. What would have surprised me is if he actually looked out for Biggie’s family. But Diddy is all about himself.

  2. She didn’t even have to tell us this. It’s pretty obvious. But this is why these artists have to make sure they read the fine print and outsmart these music execs. Diddy is out here eating good off Biggie and not giving a damn about that man’s family.

  3. Oh give me a fking break! So she ain’t said sh-t to him for years and now wants to drag him for not getting her a ticket? -itch please! And what’s worse is now on ig telling folks to calm down – after you done dragged this man’s name through the mud, you wanna tell folks to chill cuz he just called you and gave you a ticket? I’d be suing your dumb a-s for slander! Hate thirsty, cheap, raggedy b-tches!

  4. Sh-t Diddy been a snake. If Biggie wasn’t killed, I think they would have fallen out and Big would’ve ended up like all the other Bad Boy artists. Broke and unable to get out of that contract!

  5. Sorry but I don’t see why Diddy needs to take care of another man’s kids. Besides giving them some money right after the death as a nice gesture to move forward, what else is he supposed to do? And I’m not one of those people that think Diddy killed Biggie either.

  6. So she did all of that just to clean it up right after? Girl I guess. I’m sure she will be ranting about him again in another year or so because nothing is going to change. A tour ticket won’t change things.

  7. First of all she acting like she revealed some deep dark secret. Puff been monopolizing off of Biggie since ’97 we know he ain’t sh-t. Now that she got her ticket we suppose to just magically forget what she said? I’ve seen interviews where her mother Jan and Faith both stated that any money made off of Biggie goes to his estate for Tyanna and CJ. Yeah it’s f-cked up that they don’t hear from Puff the way he make it seem but I’m sure monetary wise they good. Not to mention Ms. Wallace don’t play I remember those run-ins she had wit Puff and Kim back in the day lmao!

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