Monyetta Shaw is Taking Ne-Yo’s New Marriage Hard

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and songwriter Ne-Yo recently married Crystal Renay, and although the couple is still enjoying their new marriage, his ex Monyetta Shaw is still not over how things went down.

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  1. It’s a sad situation but it happens all the time. That’s why women can never give too much of ourselves to a man we aren’t married to.

  2. I didn’t know she wrote a book. NeYo did her dirty but she has to move on for her own good. He obviously didn’t appreciate her anyway.

  3. He was wrong but sometimes you can love a person with everything you have and it doesn’t make them feel the same about you. All you can do is thank God it’s over because we all deserve to be with someone who truly does love us back. It may hurt now but it’s a blessing it’s over. Ne-Yo doesn’t seem very loyal anyway.

    1. Might as well get paid…doing it anyway, might as well get paid. The new female national anthem has moved some to have to decide between being THOT or a straight up prostitute only now the girlfriend prostitute is more popular than ever. If you are really good…he may marry you but it is only to make you property he owns while seeking out other conquest. Men have little respect for the things they paid for like cars or jewelry or females so Ms. New Booty always looks good.

  4. Damn I need her to move the f-ck on. Ne-Yo ain’t sh-t and she can do much better any damn way. In the future you don’t ever make a permanent decision for a n-gga you ain’t married to.

    1. What happened to the female population that caused so many to become THOT’s
      Whose only goal in life is to GET PAID and if I hear “might as well get paid if you doing it anyway” riddle me this…if you are cracking that much with several men

  5. I understand she is hurt but she still needs to move on. Did Neyo do her wrong yes he did but it’s time to let it go he is married with another child. It’s a hard lesson to learn but this is why you never give a man all of you when he won’t fully commit we see this over and over. Monyetta needs to realize her worth realize Neyo is not the man for her and she deserves better.

  6. Although I don’t know if hes gay. I really think he has had issues since that first chick dogged him and the kid wasn’t his. Doesn’t excuse him being a scumbag but you can tell he has issues. Maybe she’s not ready to let go yet but he will be the best thing she never had.

  7. She was basically just someone in the meantime for him that he knocked up in the process. He never loved her. When he met the woman he loved, he married her. Happens a lot.

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