Porsha Williams Doesn’t Think She Has Anger Issues?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams was called out at the season eight reunion of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” because she’s now been involved in three separate physical altercations.

And with NeNe Leakes attempting to explain why that’s an issue at the reunion and finding a way on Porsha’s bad side as a result, viewers have taken to social media to accuse Porsha of not taking responsibility for the situation.

Interestingly enough, one of her latest liked tweets may shine some light on how she really feels.

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  1. Porsha is a ratchet hood rat who had no business being on RHOA in the first place. She has totally ruined the show for me. Anytime you have to put hands on someone to make a point, that means you’re an idiot who doesn’t have a big enough vocabulary to express yourself like an adult. She needs to go.

  2. I think it was pretty clear Porsha doesn’t think she has a problem at the reunion and at her anger management class. She seemed annoyed and very defensive. She’s on a show where women are encouraged to be shady and leave it at that. If she can’t do that, she may need to think about doing a reality show on VH1 where fighting is encouraged like Love and Hip Hop. I like her and all, but I can’t defend her when she’s done this three times now.

  3. Chile…Porsha is playing right into the producers hands. They want a reason to get rid of her and she’s giving them a lot of ammunition. She needs to be careful about what she is doing on social media because she is being watched.

  4. Porsha needs to get the f-ck over herself. Now I gave her silly a-s a pass when she body slammed Kenya’s annoying a-s but you can’t keep going around trying to f-ck people up just because. Especially when most of the cast doesn’t want you there any damn way. I know she’s dumb as f-ck but she’s going to have to get business savvy and stop jeopardizing her coins on some bullsh-t.

  5. People love giving Porsha a pass for her disgusting behavior. She is a grown woman in her 30s who still fights like she’s in high school when someone says something she doesn’t like. Let’s call a spade a spade and hold her responsible please!

  6. Porsha isn’t innocent and she has been in 3 incidents I personally don’t believe they were all her fault. But 3 incidents is 3 incidents and she has to take some responsibility for it. Porsha needs to realize what’s going on here they are preparing to get rid of her and she playing right in the hands by not acknowledging some accountability hell even if she really doesn’t think she has anger issues it’s best from a PR standpoint and for the sake of saving her job to at least seem remorseful Porsha needs to learn how to play the game.

  7. Porsha needs to stay quiet because all she’s doing is giving producers a reason to actually go through with firing her this time. Even if she doesn’t really think she’s wrong, she should at least publicly take responsibility so she can keep her peach. And that’s what Nene was trying to tell her. You have to learn how to play the game.

  8. Porsha needs to have a seat. She is not the victim in this situation. 3 fights? No ma’am. This ain’t Love & Hip Hop.

  9. Yall must have never got into 3 fights..Dam chill on the girl,who gone just sit there ,get provoked and not do nothing about it?? i’ll wait..

    1. Most people on here gave Porsha a pass for her fight with Kenya because they felt she was provoked in THAT instance. Hell they even tried to defend her scuffle with Cynthia too. But the last straw for me and I think most on here was with Jamie. That ish was ridiculous. Porsha was clearly the aggressor in that situation and I don’t think anyone can reasonably keep pretending like what she’s doing is ok. In the real world, do you think claiming you’ve been “provoked” is going to keep the police from locking you up? No. Especially not a woman of color. Porsha has had three fights at her job. None of us on here would be able to do that in real life so it’s hard for me to defend her at this point. I think she needs to be fired and even now so because she thinks there’s nothing wrong with fighting at her age repeatedly.

  10. I’m too grown to make excuses for Porsha anymore. I can see her diehard stans refuse to call a thing a thing. The loyalty is cute and all but if Bravo wants her out, she’s out. And the way Nene has been throwing shade on Instagram, I’m starting to think she’s out. But we’ll see.

  11. I’m sorry but the first bull$hit with Kenya she was provoked, I mean who on here would’ve sat there in that chair and let psycho Kenya call them a dumb ho while pointing a bullhorn in their face, like really? Thats why no further legal action was taken becuz Kenya provoked the incident and Ga has a law regarding provocation. The Cynthia incident she was NOT the aggressor, Cynthia a$$ didn’t even want to acknowledge all that happened becuz SHE had marital issues, her own husband and daughter had to tell her. The Jamie thing nobody really even saw cuz it happened in a dark back alley. WTF knows what happened with that. I honestly felt she was defensive becuz SHE felt attacked just like NeNe a$$ felt attacked at the Dr Jeff session last season and got all defensive so, I think all these chicks full of $hit with that anger management foolishness cuz they all have laid hands on people or threatened to. Nene and Sheree laid hands on Kim Z, Cynthia laid hands on Porsha, Kenya pulling out Kim’s chair still trying to provoke $hit, and Nene had an altercation with Kim down at Atlantic Station so I call bull$hit with these chicks. All before it was you shouldn’t invade people’s personal space, Kandi even went off about it, but now Porsha says it, she’s violent? Child bye!

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