Azealia Banks and Erykah Badu Make Peace + Azealia Goes off on Wale

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last year Erykah Badu and Azealia Banks made headlines after they clashed on Twitter and it didn’t take long for things to go left.

Despite their heated exchange, now both artists are ending their feud.

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  1. I don’t understand why she went off on Wale. He’s one of the few rappers who shows love to black women all the time in his work. But there’s really no need in me trying to understand because I’m sure this is yet another stunt for attention.

  2. And to be expected, she was once again racist against her own people. She’s too ignorant to see that she is part of the problem. I really can’t stand her.

  3. Wale handled that well. All you have to do is ignore her but people still don’t get that get for some reason. Let her rant on Twitter everyday if she wants to. All she’s doing is guaranteeing that people only know her from her Twitter episodes instead of her actual music.

  4. She’s right about that. No other race of men sh#t on their women like black men. Black men never hold other black men accountable for their crimes against black women.

    1. This.
      She went completely off the deep end but her overall point is the absolute truth. Black men are not allies of black women and are the top perpetrators of misogynoir.

  5. Her crazy over shadows some of the good points she made. She expressed anger and her intent to retaliate instead of a desire for resolve which is counter productive. She should have never called him the n word, ever. I am not a fan and will never be because of how she blatantly disrespected him.

  6. She’s really a hateful and insecure person. There was no need to call Wale the N word. He was respectful and didn’t deserve that. And honestly, what self loving black person would even use that word on another black person in the middle of a conversation? Something is wrong with her. She pretends to be for black people but it’s obvious she really hates being black.

  7. I’m taken aback…she was and most likely still triippiinn! What was her problem? Talking about being misunderstood; well I will have to say that I don’t understand a da-n thing she is talking about except she hate black men. That part I got. What is the name of them pills? Yeah, she need them.

  8. I can’t remember her last white boyfriend’s name but I remember he treated her like trash and all she could so is whine about it on Twitter. She also stayed with him and said he was abusive I think. She has daddy issues.

  9. The last thing black men and black women need to do right now is go to war. That’s the problem now. Some of us are too busy trying to point fingers at the other gender and it’s not helping us at all. And in one tweet she’s calling out the ignorant black men but she’s ignorant too so it’s hard for me to take this seriously.

  10. She has serious issues but wale gave the same tired typical response black men give when you bring up how they don’t support black women. They derail and gaslight. But props to him for not matching her ugliness.

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