Blac Chyna Tells Kris Jenner to Have a Seat

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Blac Chyna is reportedly planning a wedding with Rob Kardashian, but rumor has it she isn’t ready to officially join the Kardashian reality show lineup.

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    1. Well to be honest the same one Kim has. Famous for no damn reason at all. But people liked Chyna because she seemed less thirsty than Kim. That has changed.

  1. Chyna thinks she’s going to play this family but she’s going to end up being the one who got played when it’s all said and done. I don’t know why black people keep dealing with them anyway given their history of throwing us under a bus.

  2. This is nonsense. Of course Chyna wants to be on their shows and be in the circle. Her and her bff Amber are literally obsessed with the Kardashians. The truth is they really wish they could be them. And how did Chyna help Rob out? No one even knew who she was until this stunt of a relationship.

  3. She’s doing the absolute most to get even with her pedo baby daddy. Did Kris even invite her to be on the show cause the last time I checked no one in that family even likes her.

  4. I thought the whole point of her hooking up with him was to get in on the Kardashian coins. Is she really going to pretend promoting products on Instagram pays better?

    1. As you shouldn’t because it’s fake. And Chyna is no better than the Kardashians because she’s clearly teaming up with them for relevance. This TMZ story is just damage control put out by Kris. I’m sure Chyna attends their weekly attention whore meetings now and everyone is in on it including Amber.

  5. Chyna clearly has a plan but I feel like this is pathetic to be honest. She should want nothing to do with this family after how Tyga and Kylie got together. She shouldn’t even be dealing with Rob. Like move on already. It was funny at first but now I have to give her the side eye for taking it this far.

  6. F-ck all of these attention whores. They are all cut from the same f-cking cloth. Chyna has already sold her soul to the Kardashians so there’s no need in trying to lie about that sh-t.

  7. Sure. And then we will hear about those episodes she was in with Rob. Chyna is about her paper. She’s not going to turn down money, even if the Kardashians are they way to getting it. If that was the case, she wouldn’t be stunting with Rob right now.

  8. Chyna will make more money with a show without them, just wait you will see it is only going to be her and Rob and who they want on their show and don’t let her have a baby and it’s a boy Chyna will have done what TYGA tried to do.

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