‘Empire’ Ratings in Trouble, Again

Photo Credit: FOX
Photo Credit: FOX

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Empire” had a huge first season but the FOX drama has been hitting a major snag with ratings in its second season.

Although the return from the winter hiatus was strong, the show is once again losing steam when it comes to the numbers.

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  1. I feel like most of the characters have totally strayed from who they were originally and I think that’s just a sign of really bad writing.

  2. It was just hype honestly.. I felt the writing was all over the place since season one a couple of episodes in. They ruined last season by so many guest appearances. Hard to keep up.

  3. I agree with everyone has said so far the writing has been beyond horrible this season. The storylines don’t even make sense anymore it’s all over the place.

  4. Empire probably has one more season left before Fox cancels it. I never got the hype anyway. It’s been terrible since season one.

  5. I stopped watching a few episodes into season 2/a, the writing is just terrible. I couldn’t sit through it. I didn’t even bother to tune in this time around.

  6. Lol people post and comment to articles claiming that empire’s ratings are falling but not looking at the big picture. Yes, it’s ratings are not as high as last season but it’s still killing it in viewship. Many shows would love to have empire’s ratings and it leads it time slot. It is not “in trouble.” Far from it.

    1. You seriously think Fox doesn’t care that Empire’s ratings are getting lower and lower each episode? Honestly it’s fans like you that are keeping the show and writing from progressing. Yall are so quick to go off on blogs for pointing out the obvious, so the show just gets worse and worse until finally, it’s cancelled. It’s barely beating the competition with just ten million eyeballs. And believe me. This is how it starts. Empire started off with about 17 million an episode this season, and now it’s barely pulling in 10. That’s a pretty concerning drop to advertisers. Maybe not to you, but it’s not like you’re the one writing checks to Fox, right? Season three will tell the real story though and I wonder what stans will say then? Will it be the blogs fault then too? I’m sure it will. It always is.

      1. Um, I said nothing about the quality of the show in which I somewhat agree with the overall sentiment that’s it’s gotten worse for a number of reasons. And where did I blame the blogs? Maybe you’re right and the ratings will continue to drop even through next season. But what I said was true, yes there’s been a drop in ratings but it’s still one of the highest viewed shows in tv.

    2. Ok but the comments on here are about the quality of the show. No one really cares what the ratings are except the network and I guess super fans who enjoy bragging about the ratings. To us, it’s just not good anymore and the more and more we feel that way, the less we will watch. I think this will be my last season because the storylines are ridiculous. They can’t sustain ten million plus viewers with terrible writing.

      1. @seriously I agree the writing has gotten worse. The show was always cheesy to me. But season 1 had a charm to it. From the unnecessary guest appearances to the unfocused storylines, it’s been hard to get into this season. I’ll stick with it because I don’t watch much tv to begin with and I love taraji and Jussie.

  7. People have been giving this show a chance for the black leads but the writing will be the death of it. It’s only season two, and it’s already lost 7 million viewers. That’s a big drop and hopefully the network will make the necessary changes so season three will be much better. It’s way too early for a show to lose that many viewers. It’s very possible season three will see an even bigger drop off if they don’t fix the writing.

  8. If they ever bring in anything less than ten million viewers, they are going to go into panic mode. But they should panic now because a lot of people haven’t enjoyed the season. At first it was too many guest appearances. They cut back on that but it’s still just dry and silly writing. Sometimes I can’t even believe the network signed off on some of these plots.

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