Kanye West Gets Sued by a Fan

Kanye West is being sued by one of his own fans because the fan feels like Kanye forced them to sign up for Tidal to hear the new album just for the rapper to turn around and place the new music on multiple platforms.

Gossip Cop writes:

In his proposed class action lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, Baker-Rhett states that millions of fans signed up for Tidal in February only because of West’s assertion it would be the only way to hear his new music. The court filing references one of the rapper’s tweets, which said, “My album will never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal.” That changed in recent weeks.

The lawsuit further maintains that Tidal unjustly earned as much as $84 million through two million new subscribers who signed up to listen to The Life of Pablo under the promise of exclusivity. Baker-Rhett also argues that Tidal was able to store personal information, including credit card numbers and other data, from the new users, which he’s demanding the company now delete. His attorney says in a statement, “We fully support the right of artists to express themselves freely and creatively, however creative freedom is not a license to mislead the public.”

The lawyer goes on, “We believe that we will be able to prove to a jury that Mr. West and Tidal tricked millions of people into subscribing to their services and that they will ultimately be held accountable for what they did.” The suit also names a company owned by Jay Z as a defendant. The mogul is one of Tidal’s main owners. Neither he nor West has commented on the litigation.

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  1. Are we sure this person is really a fan? Anyway I’ll be glad when hating Tidal isn’t the in thing to do anymore. You ask people why they hate it and they can’t even give you a legit reason.

    1. Thank you. Kanye really shouldn’t have said it would only be on Tidal if he had plans to put it on Spotify and Apple Music though. Now he’s getting the whole company sued because of his ego.

  2. Oh Lawd. Kanye is out here getting everybody sued because he can’t stick to the plan like he was supposed to.

  3. Kanye has to do better. Yes the lawsuit is excessive but I can understand why this fan is frustrated. In fact this whole era has been a disaster for Kanye.

  4. HUH???? This is dumb….my BF got that album on a bootleg CD…. lemme find out you can sue and win for dumb shyt. I am about to sue. I am about to sue my job for making me travel farther than what I signed onto then. Because they never told me they were moving when I took the position, and then 3-4 months into working I was told we were moving…do I have a case here nor nah???? LMAO

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