Prince Passes Away

Photo Credit: Nicolas Genin
Photo Credit: Nicolas Genin

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

In very, very said music news it is now being reported that the legendary Prince has passed away.

This news comes just days after it was confirmed he had cancelled recent performances due to a bad bout with the flu.

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  1. I still don’t want to believe this. A friend of mine bought tickets for his show in Atlanta and she was so disappointed he cancelled. I just didn’t think he would die in a matter of days. I should call her. She’s a huge Prince fan. I know she’s devastated.

    1. He ended up performing in ATL but got sick right after. So I’m sure your friend got to see him one last time thankfully.

  2. RIP to a legend!! I’m mad because people are already trying to say he had Aids. I can’t stand the internet sometimes!!

    1. Those people are idiots. It’s not unheard of to die from the flu and pneumonia and you don’t have to have Aids to die from those illnesses. People should read more.

    2. Aids though? He was 57. Him dying from the flu at that age isn’t hard to believe. Your immune system isn’t that strong in your 50s.

  3. The deaths this year have been brutal. RIP to one of the greatest who ever did. When I think about the Goats, I always think about him and Michael. We will never see that kind of talent again.

  4. For the love of God please tell me this is a mistake and he’s still alive. That man’s music is a huge part of my childhood.

  5. It hurts but I’m so thankful we had him for the short time we did. He is the blueprint. And I hear his influence in today’s R&B artists. Even the white ones.

  6. I came on here just to see if it was true. And I’m sad to know he’s really dead. I’m just in shock right now.

  7. No shade to anyone but I just think it’s tacky to be speculating on if he had Aids or not. I’m seeing that on a lot of blogs right now and it’s just not cool. He just died. How doesn’t matter right now.

  8. Yeah I don’t think he died from Aids complications. I mean right before his death he was able to perform, walk and travel. Typically when you die from Aids complications, you’re bedridden for weeks and can’t even do day to day tasks. I think he really did die from pneumonia. Not everything is a conspiracy or controversy. He was 57 years old. It happens.

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