Aisha Tyler Offends HBCU Students and Graduates

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“The Talk” host and actress Aisha Tyler is making headlines again and it’s not because of her impending divorce.

This time folks are upset with Aisha because she made some very interesting comments about Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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  1. I was all prepared to cast major side eye, but I think people are totally reaching here. I see nothing anti-HBCU!

  2. I don’t like what she said about black people fighting to be accepted in white spaces. I’ll keep it cute though.

  3. LMBO! I don’t really care what her opinion is honestly. She always seemed like a token anyway.

    1. I agree. I think she meant for students to challenge themselves to be better than, and make better choices than, yesterday. It’s OK to not want to live in the hood. Hell, I’m from South Central and I’ll never move back. Just the same it’s OK to not want to attend an HBCU and see what lessons can be learned in a different environment.

      People stay reaching with little T-Rex arms.

  4. I can understand why people feel some kind of way. The whole high school comment just seemed like she was assuming black people go to all black high schools. Anyway it’s not the school that makes you successful. It’s the individual. Either you’re driven or you’re not.

  5. Step out of what we were used to in high school? I went to a predominately white high school and applied to both PWIs and HBCUs. I decided to attend an HBCU and made the perfect choice. HBCU doesn’t mean all black schools bc I had white friends, Spanish friends and Indian friends at my school! It’s all about the experience and to me, HBCUs give you the experience in various ways including cultural experience! Plus it’s more of a neighborhood feel. I’m proud of being an HBCU graduate. Why deal with racist crap if I don’t have to? Look what’s happening at Clemson to the African Americans there! Smh tread lightly, girl.

  6. The whole change your surroundings perspective does sound like she’s telling black people to consider PWIs more and that’s foolish considering how black people are usually treated on the campuses of PWIs.

    1. Black people will be treated this way for simply being black, whether kn a campus, at a grocery store, etc.

      Are we to avoid all places with racist whites? Have our ancestors not given us thick enough skin from their lashings?

      Come on, it is not wise to avoid a great educatiin a white institution, or otherwise, for fear of cowards being cowards.

  7. I wish she would just shut the f-ck up. She’s always saying some sell out sh-t. And I don’t doubt she was trying to downplay HBCUs on the sly.

  8. I’m not offended but I do see the shade… Heaven forbid an African-American student have the opportunity to get both the HBCU and PWI experience though. There are no limits to this education thing and there’s life after undergrad.

  9. I don’t get black people like this. They want to be in white folks space all the damn time and act like wanting to go to HBCUs is a downgrade. A lot of HBCUs are actually great schools. Going to one isn’t settling.

  10. I had someone tell me going to a PWI prepared them better for life because it exposed them to racism. Y’all I’m so serious. And this isn’t the only dumb answer I have received when I ask them how a PWI better prepared for life than a HBCU.

  11. Sometimes you can say things without actually saying it if that makes any sense. But I don’t even get mad anymore when people say this kind of stuff. You have to be really clueless about the black culture to still think it’s helpful for black people to attend majority white schools.

  12. I went to grad school at an HBCU and nothing compares. If anything, I left more empowered and encouraged by witnessing so many different aspects of our culture.

  13. There will always be black people who feel like white schools are better than HBCUs. And if they offend you, they pretend to not understand why you’re offended. They will swear it’s not self hating, or ignorant but somehow miss how ignorant it is for them to assume white schools are automatically better or that HBCUs can’t also be really great schools. But as soon as something racist goes down at their white school (which always happens), they run on Twitter begging for other black people to help them and protest on their behalf. Hilarious it all is. I’ll stick to HBCUs. Thanks. At least white people see the value in having and being in their own spaces.

  14. She’s right. I should’ve went to a more diverse school. Ppl shouldn’t walk around not knowing how to talk with ppl of different cultures or change how they act when around different cultures.

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