Amber Rose Gets a Talk Show

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

 Amber Rose can now add a talk show to her growing resume.

According to reports, she just inked a deal with VH1.

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  1. Was this part of the deal she signed with the Kardashians? I guess Chyna’s show is in the works too?

    1. I would imagine this is one of the reasons Amber decided to become Team Kardashian. Nick wasn’t really doing enough for her career. But Kris will be able to at least get her a cancelled talk show. It’s part of the Team Kardashian package, I mean if you decided to opt out of getting a reality show (which will be cancelled too).

  2. Hmm I think people think having a talk show is an easy job. It’s really not though and that’s why most get cancelled quickly. But the timing is interesting. Since she hopped on the Kardashian train, it seems like her and Chyna are getting more opportunities. Did she dump Nick for Kris?

    1. So true people act like talk shows are easy and its really not. Yea you might get a couple episodes green lit but if you don’t get any ratings they will cancel quickly. Anybody can get a talk show but can you keep it going for years is the key.

      1. Right and that’s why having a talk show is so hard now. Most people go to the internet for news and celebrity interviews so you have to have the right kind of personality to make your show worth watching. I’m not sure Amber has that personality. But who knows. She could slay at this.

    1. Wasn’t it because Tamar’s contract with The Real prevented her from moving forward so they just scrapped it.

  3. Khlogre’s talk show was just cancelled. What makes Amber think hers will last? Both have the personalities of wet blankets outside of a-s pictures and twerking videos.

  4. I think The Real has everybody thinking they can do a talk show now. But it’s a certain formula needed to be successful. Amber isn’t all that likable since becoming a Kardashian butt licker, so this could be a disaster.

  5. I just can’t imagine Amber actually understanding how to properly do interviews or talk about anything other than her watered down understanding of feminism. But we’ll see.

  6. VH1 has really given Mona complete control. I’m sure this talk show will be centered around all of Mona’s shows as well and Joseline, etc. will make up most of the guests.

  7. I wish her well. Right now my favorite talk show is The Real. I think people are craving authenticity from talk shows now. If Amber can deliver that the sky is the limit.

  8. So it’s supposed to be the VH1 version of Kocktails With Khloe. See this is my problem with Amber. Nothing she does is original. She follows the exact same blueprint as the Kardashians. Is she obsessed?

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