Joe Budden Vents About Drake’s New Album

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Drake was able to push over a million units of his new album, “Views,” however not everyone is sold on his latest music.

In fact, Joe Budden feels Drake is lacking as an artist these days.

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  1. What do people expect from Drake? To become the next Nas? The next Jigga? Tupac? I mean seriously Drake is transparent about what his goals are and that’s making a lot of money. He’s not really trying to become the greatest artist of all time. So I just say enjoy his bops and call it a day.

  2. Drake has always hopped on trends. He’s not even the first rapper to sing a lot. Ja Rule and Nelly were big when they were doing it. So what is Joe being so dramatic about? I think he is expecting too much out of Drake.

  3. Out of all the things to get mad about, he is getting mad about Drake’s new album? I don’t understand people. I’m seeing the same thing with Beyonce. If you’re not feeling an artist, then don’t listen to them. The rants and essays about why you don’t like them is lame.

  4. Joe actually said the truth. Drake has stalled as an artist. He’s more concerned with album sales and hit songs right now and it shows. Views is not all that great. It’s a mediocre album. He’s not the only artist who is releasing mediocre albums right now. When artists learn to not focus so much on album sales, stan wars and hit singles, they can finally put out their best work. Drake has been so focused on destroying Meek he forgot about making sure his own legacy is straight.

  5. It took a while but I appreciate the album. If you watch the entire Podcast he actually likes the album he doesn’t like the execution.

  6. All he does is hire a group of writers to write his lyrics and put out trendy music. When the Migos were hot, he started rapping like the Migos. When he first came out, Weezy was the it dude, so he started rapping like Weezy. Now the Weekend is that dude, so Drake sang on 99% of the songs on this album. It’s the same thing every album (he steals someone else’s sound and runs with it) and I’m pretty sure that’s Joe’s point. Drake needs to step outside the box for once.

    1. I seriously doubt Drake is the only rapper that doesn’t write his own sh-t..he’s corny because he doesn’t call women hoes & b-tches,he doesn’t write his own lyrics, he sings too much..Yada,yada,yada..Drake music is hot right now..if someone doesn’t like his sh-t move on to the next 1..we stay criticizing our own..whether it’s Drake,Ciara, Beyonce, Rihanna. .Jus sad..I’d rather listen to Drake then that mumbling mouth Future or the likes of Nicki. .the Era of great rappers is somewhat over.

  7. I really don’t think Joe likes the album. He’s only saying he likes it so Drake’s stans won’t drag him on Twitter. I’ll say it for Joey. The album is booty. There was so much excitement for this album that I actually took some time away from Bey’s joint to check it out and it is dry. But for some reason people are afraid to just come out and say that. Drake needs to switch it up. Kendrick and J Cole will surpass him at this rate.

  8. Sh-t I ain’t even heard the album yet. I literally can’t get past Lemonade. It’s all I listen to right now. Joe is a b-tch n-gga though.

  9. So since he knows so much how come its been over a decade since he put something out??? Anyway you can’t be the company Fubu and talk smack about Sean John clothes lmao

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