Blac Chyna Pregnant by Rob Kardashian

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

There’s been a lot of stunts and shows since Blac Chyna hooked up with Rob Kardashian, and now the couple claims they are expecting their first child together.

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  1. These attention whores will do anything to extend their 15 minutes. Bogus marriages, pregnancies, drug addiction…sh-t whatever it takes. I’m just glad everyone sees Chyna really ain’t sh-t and her and Amber only had a problem with the Kardashians because they wanted to be them. Now that they are in the circle, expect more stunts and shows.

  2. All of this has been planned for the last few years. Please believe Kris Jenner was piecing it all together when we first saw Chyna and Kim hanging out together for the first time. Then the Kylie and Tyga thing happened and I don’t doubt it wasn’t also orchestrated to keep people interested in this family. They are a joke and I wish people would smarten up and see how manufactured all of this really is.

      1. I’m pretty sure that’s what I said. Chyna has been in the mix for years and Kris Jenner has been piecing this altogether to make sure Chyna can get coins too. Did the plan not work? I work in PR. Everyone in the media knows how the Kardashians get down. Also, Kanye’s “beef” with Amber was orchestrated as well. Now Amber has her own talk show.

        1. Exactly!! This has been planned for years!! We thought they fell out but they never did. Crazy how much they all played us!!

  3. I hope people don’t think this is revenge. Chyna has no issues with the Kardashians. She’s always admired them and wanted to be a part of the empire. Congrats to her and Rob.

  4. Aww now they may finally get the attention they have been seeking since Prince died. It’s been hard for these attention whores. People with real talent have been hogging the headlines for the last two weeks (Prince, Beyonce, Drake).

  5. I don’t care. Chyna lost me when her and Kylie tried to take Prince’s shine and the man wasn’t even dead for a full 24 hours yet.

  6. Say what you want about the Jenners/Kardashians but they are smart. They know how to work the media and make sure everyone in the family and everyone affiliated with them is eating good. This whole time people just swore Chyna hated them, but she was in on it and now she’s getting paid. I say well played.

  7. Yawn. They are so boring to me. The real celebrities always have the real tea and we miss out on it because of these wannabes connection to the media. I guess they pay well.

  8. I’m not surprised. I kinda thought she was pregnant for a while now. I don’t know if this is real or not, and may never really know. It’s sad we have to question everything these people do. Their love of money and attention knows no limits. Good luck to Chyna though. She’s going to need it given the Kardashians track record with people outside the family.

  9. And she’s promoting her new emojis with the announcement. If that ain’t proof of their true intentions than I don’t know what is. It’s sad kids are used for publicity in that crew.

  10. Chyna is just as gross as the Kardashians. She’s also not very smart. But in her mind this is like hitting the jackpot. Very, very clueless.

  11. Doesn’t Kris still give Rob an allowance and pay his bills? I don’t know why some people are saying this is a come up for Chyna.

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