Azalea Banks Gets Checked by 14 Year Old Disney Star Skai Jackson

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Azealia Banks has become a professional at Twitter beefs, but she actually found her match with a fourteen year old Disney star.

The rapper probably had no idea Skai Jackson would be the one to put her in her place.

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  1. This racist c-nt is trash. Look at the way she talked to a 14 year old black girl. She shouldn’t have any black fans left! Her karma can’t come fast enough.

  2. Forget edges, that lil gorl scalped that b-tch and Mom wasn’t far behind to remind her that her a-s is grass on sight. Poor Azaelia! She got bodied by a Disney star! Lol!

  3. I laughed so hard when this was happening. Who would have imagined that Azealia’s downfall would come from a 14 year old? And Zayn’s stans dragging her on Twitter last night was the cherry on top.

  4. This is the best thing I’ve read all week. Thank you Skai. It’s nice for a 14 year old to show a grown woman that you can still check someone and do it with class. She didn’t even need to use any profanity. Azealia was exposed and now people see she can’t even engage a child without hitting below the belt and being trashy. And to think, her stans swore she was so intelligent. Oh please.

  5. LMAOOOOOOOO a 24 year old got bodied on Twitter by a 14 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Azealia can’t come for anyone else ever again!!!!!!

  6. Azealia is such a joke now. She’s pretty much pissed off every fan base there is because she really thinks she can come for anybody when she’s a nobody. No one knows her for her music. Just her Twitter beefs.

  7. LOL. This is probably the most embarrassing thing that could have happened to Azealia. I live. I hope there are more draggings to come.

  8. It’s interesting that she “apologized” to Zayn and Sarah Palin but she’s never offered a lukewarm apology to any of the black people she came for. She called Wale a n-gger, made a domestic violence reference about Beyonce and Jay Z, called Rihanna a slut, Skai a black b-tch and a random woman on Instagram a tar baby. I guess we’re not worth apologizing to.

  9. Drag Ha!!!!!!! You know it’s bad when you get bodied by a Disney child star. I’m so glad AB finally got put in her place. It was beautiful.

  10. She deserved that dragging Azalea needs to get her life together out here getting schooled by a 14 year old how embarrassing.

  11. What goes around comes around. She can lie and pretend it was Skai’s mother who got her together on Twitter but anyone with common sense knows a 14 year old s capable of forming their own thoughts and yes, Skai handled her like a class act. Something Azealia knows nothing about.

  12. I’m happy to see she was dropped as a headliner. As this was unfolding I crept back on Twitter and scrolled through her timeline and saw some tweet where she mentioned someone babysitting her “biracial baby.” The self-hate is real. The little bit of interest I did have in giving her music a chance is gone, and has been for quite some time. You can’t make anything worth listening to when your soul is ugly. I’d be just fine with not reading/hearing anything else about her.

  13. 14 year olds need to stay in a child’s place. Why are people cheering on a child talking crazy to an adult? They’d be pissed a teenager got smart with them though.

    1. Girl bye. Azealia is not an adult. Look at how she carries herself! She’s a child too and met her match! Deal!

      1. Thank you. The audacity of her getting on here talking about respecting elders when Azealia respects no one, not even her own race!

    2. And a 24 year old black woman should stay in her place and respect her own people. Azealia had no business using racist language with a 14 year old black girl. It’s really sad that a few of you will defend a woman who will call you a tar baby, black b-tch or n-gger in a heartbeat. Gross.

    3. Where did Skai “talk crazy” to anyone though? If anything, she had the most sense and the most mature responses. Her initial tweet wasn’t even disrespectful. She simply said Azealia needs to chill out, and many adults have said the same so what’s the problem? I’m baffled at how anyone can still defend Azealia or sympathize with her. But whatever.

  14. Huh I thought her career was over when she went after Tiny Harris, Tip do us a favor go ahead and end her career. No wonder she is a nobody she verbally and mentally abuses kids

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