Twitter Suspends Azealia Banks

Apparently Azealia’s racially charged tweets to 14-year-old Disney actress Skai Jackson and Pop singer Zayn Malik were the last straw for Twitter.

TIME writes:

The incident started when she called out former One Direction member Malik in an Instagram post, insinuating he drew heavily from her music video for one of his own. She then tweeted at Zayn during an exchange, calling him a “curry scented b—-” (Malik is of Pakistani descent), and directed a stream of inappropriate tweets at Jackson, who got involved by telling her to “simmer down.”

Attempting to visit Banks’ Twitter profile on Thursday morning brought users to this page, which says the account has been suspended. A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment to TIME about the individual account, citing privacy reasons. In addition to spam or account security at risk, Twitter explains here how it will suspend a user for “Abusive Tweets or behavior.”

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  1. Basically Twitter stepped in and did what she should have done herself. I’ve never seen anyone completely destroy their career on Twitter before. Azealia is an idiot.

  2. I bet she almost had a panic attack when she couldn’t log in. Her career is literally tweeting. Loser.

  3. Good. I hope other platforms do the same. I’m sick of hearing about her and the racist crap she says.

  4. *round of applause* Azalea probably going crazy she is so pathetic she lives on trolling without she is probably on suicide watch.

  5. She may get banned from the UK too!! And that’s where most of her fans are!! So her little stunts are starting to hurt her pockets!!

  6. Karma is coming for this one and I’m not feeling sorry for her at all. She has used Twitter to terrorize other black women and be a nuisance. Good riddance. I hope she never gets another account.

  7. Why is it that I only hear about this chick when there’s drama. I have never ever heard one song from her every time she open her mouth bull crap comes out of it. No wonder….people don’t wanna work with people that are messy and full of drama use the energy wisely and stay off Twitter and get in the studio. She is reality TV material, she would be great TV drama!

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