Future Beats Ciara in Court

According to TMZ, the judge sided with Future on his request for joint custody.

TMZ writes:

Sources connected to the former couple say Ciara showed up in court asking for sole custody of their 1-year-old son, baby Future. She claimed Future was a bad parent who was not present in the child’s life. We’re told she and her lawyer also trash talked Future to the judge, saying he was a bad person.

For his part, Future showed up and asked for joint custody, and the judge was squarely on his side, rejecting her arguments.

California courts favor joint custody, so the decision was in line with the law.


Ciara also filed a defamation lawsuit against Future, so their court battle is just beginning.

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  1. Well, I’m from California and I know if you walk in court asking for full custody, you are not going to get it unless you can prove it to the utmost that the other parent is negligent. This means cases, facts, photo’s, reports, etc. If you can’t bring that with you then you are getting joint custody.

    1. I live in Cali and my ex is taking for full custody Because he doesn’t want to pay child support and tuition.

  2. Lmao. She needs to stop trying to get back at him with the court. It’s petty and that’s why she lost.

    1. Even here in GA courts don’t award sole custody unless you can prove the other parent is abusive to the child. Most courts allow both parents some type of custody be it physical or legal

  3. She should’ve had evidence and kept it cute….u have to explain why a person is a “bad parent” I wouldn’t have used that terminology I would’ve said “he is a negligent parent” at most

  4. Times are changing. Mothers have to really prove fathers aren’t doing what they are supposed to do to get full custody now.

  5. Good! She thought going to court and defaming him was going to be enough. Nowadays you need proof girlie…receipts!

  6. That’s the thing about letting trash impregnate you…it’s hard to remove the stench. She is stuck with this a-shole. We tried to tell her a-s to run but she said we were hating.

  7. I have no problem with Future having joint custody but I hope he steps up. But people really need to smarten up having sole custody doesn’t mean she is trying to withhold baby Future from his father. It just means she wants to make major decisions regarding their child. Furthermore I feel like it’s still a lot missing from this story.

    1. Dam another one…why the hate..would you like for Future to say some of the sh-t he has about you..Can’t/won’t ever understand how people cosign disrespectful motherf-ckers like Future because you hate Ciara

  8. It’s hard to get sole custody short of you proving someone is a drug addict or grossly negligent. You’re better off not going to court at all and having an informal agreement on your own terms.

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