Jim Jones Takes Shots at Mona Scott Young and Talks Fallout with Yandy Smith

In a recent interview with Shade 45’s The Streetz Is Watchin, Jim takes credit for the creation of “Love and Hip Hop” and admits he wished he would have been a lot more business savvy at the time.

He says:

“It started as a concept that Jim Jones made. That’s my whole template…it was no in between. It was nobody else’s idea. It was my idea, I just didn’t capitalize on my business at the time and I had operated too much as a hustler. Sometimes you don’t really understand what black and white really means until you see everything you help out with move forward and sometimes it’s too late.

“…My dignity is everything. That show wasn’t going in a direction that me and Chrissy was feeling so you know we rather go home and go to sleep than jump off a roof and sh*t like that. But you know, shout out to everybody who’s making some money over there. I hope you know why you’re making some money…it ain’t Mona. That’s not why you’re making money.”


He also took a quick shot at Mona too:

“She does her thing. She’s definitely an evil b*tch but that’s a whole other story. But shout out to everybody who’s making money over there. Don’t jump off too many buildings to get famous.”


On Yandy, he says:

“I took a stab at it…seeing a bright, young girl I thought could help me out. I really took a stab at it because she was working for Mona and they was running G-Unit at the time and she was very impressionable so I snatched her so I could use Mona’s Rolodex because she was Mona’s assistant and I could keep her close. And she’s a girl. I always like girls because in this game it’s easy to get my point across and having a girl with smarts and a fat a*s…it kind of worked. Look where she at now.

“I don’t make amends with people I make enemies with. It’s a wrap. That part of my life is over. We all have different chapters in our lives. A book is a book. You read it to the end.”


He also revealed he and Chrissy have a new show on the way and it should drop this summer on WEtv. Check out the interview below:

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  1. This is why people need to make sure they understand how business and contracts work. Had he handled his business, he’d be sitting on an empire right now and he wouldn’t even need to be on the show to eat. Now Mona is sitting where he should have been.

    1. Yeah I think everyone figured that. Because of how messy she was when it came to Jim and Chrissy…and then she was crying when he fired her….and the way he is speaking validates it lol

  2. I see no lies detected here. I remember an interview or something along those lines where he was talmbout a concept for L&HH.

  3. I didnt watch the first season, no longer watch now, but instead of them walking around trying to punk and bullie people they should have been handling their business. Chrissy fighting and acting stupid, begging for a marriage that never came and none of them made sure their contracts were correct. He can say what he wants but if its not written on paper it doesnt exist. Cant get mad that he ket the “devil” outsmart him. Streets is street, boardroom is boardroom

  4. Number 1 I think he in fact did do something with Yandy or at the very least is attracted to her because why comment on the size of her butt after all these year. Why not just say that you do not fawk with her or Mona and be done with it. 2nd I can see why he did not take advantage of the show at it was popular but who knew it would last this long and have this many spinoff shows. Most of these reality shows lose steam after a while.

  5. Damn where has Jim and Chrissy been? Real talk Mona owes them a lot because they made her a huge success. Next time they need to be smarter though and stop letting people come up on their names.

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