D. Smith Defends Calling Bambi Transgender

In a recent interview with VH1, D. Smith claims she called Bambi transgender because she wanted to highlight the fact that she feels there aren’t too many physical differences between them.

She tells VH1:

Let’s talk about the argument with Bambi. Why did you decide to call her transgender as an insult? Do you regret choosing that word?

D. Smith: No, and I’m going to tell you why. I did use that word that way and that’s so observant of you because I said that to let her to let her know, “Girl, there’s not much difference between you and I.” There really isn’t. We’re the same height [and] the same build, except that she has hips. [Bambi’s] feet are bigger, her hands are bigger, and she’s probably a little taller then me. If we’re going to dissect and nitpick who’s who, I’m just going to say, “Girl, look in the mirror.” Obviously it’s not a bad thing, but I said [transgender] to make a point.

D. Smith also appeared to shade Lil Scrappy and Waka Flocka’s s*xuality too:

Scrappy went off on Instagram about trans women before the seasons started airing. Is there a conflict between the two of you?

I don’t think he was talking to me but he was still talking to someone that still represents my community, and again it’s just another nobody that’s ranting and raving and being irresponsible with his words. Again, another person I’m not buying. I don’t believe he feels that way. You have to understand, I’ve been into guys since I was 7 years old. I know mannerisms. I know when they’re straight. I know when they’re dealing with homosexuality. I know when they’re dealing with being DL or being homophobic. I know all the different signs and neither one of the guys on this show [Waka Flocka or Scrappy] are against gay or trans people. They’re just being irresponsible and immature.

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  1. So a trans can call a black female transgender and that’s ok, but when it’s done to them they’re victims? Foh!

    And this is the same person up in arms about Waka’s statements about sexuality but she shades his? I swear, of she don’t get her square jawed, lemon chin, box shaped a-s from off my screen and go sit on some sharp nails somewhere…….

  2. I just don’t think it makes any sense to expect people to take your movement seriously when you use it for an insult against another person when it’s convenient.

  3. So full of BS and this is my problem with some people in the LGBT community like D.Smith they quick to go off on people that talk down on them. But they do the exact same thing they use the connotation negatively too. How you suppose to be an advocate for transgenders but using it as a insult.

  4. Him and that crooked a-s wig need to go!!! Im not here for him and his bs..#BeatItBoy and im GAYYYY af so its no SHADE

  5. There’s a huge difference.. Y’all have different chromosomes and genitalia. You’re a man! This is what society has done..they let these men think that they’re actually women and can just disrespect real women.

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