Ayesha Curry Refuses to Back Down

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

 The Golden State Warriors are just one game away from clinching another NBA championship, but tonight they will have to play without one of their star players.

Draymond Green was suspended after he got into it with LeBron James during the last game, and it’s safe to say Golden State fans aren’t happy with the NBA’s decision.

Neither is Ayesha Curry.

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  1. I don’t know why people hate this woman so much. She’s just like Gabby Union in a sense that she’s going to speak her mind. If that’s a problem, then unfollow her.

    1. They are still mad about that tweet about her preferring to dress conservatively. They have been butt hurt since. Looking for anything to pounce on her for.

  2. lmao cavs fans can’t stand ayesha. they keep telling her to be like savannah and be seen and not heard. disrespectful as hell.

  3. LeBron is clearly frustrated and desperate at this point. Getting Green suspended is the only chance they have. He made a chess move but I’m thinking it will backfire on him tonight. The warriors live up to their name and get crazy motivated when faced with obstacles. They will play harder tonight and be pissed. It will end tonight.

    1. I do agree the Warriors will win tonight but what people fail to understand is Draymond has been asking for this. LeBron is jut part of the reason why he is suspended. He has been accumulating fouls all this series. This just didn’t happened to LeBron. He called him the B word 2 times and That’s what set LeBron off. Talk trash all you want but there are some things you just don’t call a man and expect no reaction: WestBrook almost beat the sh*t out of green for doing the same thing. Warriors is a good team but Green is overly aggressive and says things to men that he can’t dish.

      1. But LeBron has been called a b-tch plenty of times on the court. Hell he’s even called opposing players a b-tch before. This wasn’t about that anyway. This was an act of desperation and it will blow up in his face. LeBron is a dirty player as well. Go on YouTube and you will see clips of him knocking down Steph, tripping Steph up, elbowing Iggy in the groin, etc. Hell his teammate Delly is the worst. He actually injures other players and takes them out. This is basketball. The fact that people are so offended about Green just proves Charles Barkley’s point. The league has gotten too soft and LeBron is a cry baby.

        1. Girl please! Golden States sets illegal screens all time and they get away with things.. Bogut, Draymond are few players on that team that play Dirty Google Draymond plays and you will see what I’m talking about. He grabs people’s d-cks when they are the paint. golden states is team that is known to create illegal secreens and a lot of NBA players have said this and complained about this before. Golden state ain’t a saint please!

          1. I want you to point out to me where in my previous comment that I said Golden State are saints. I’ll wait.

      2. That was just theatrics. Trust me. LeBron always had a plan to get Green out and it worked. Even Cavs fans called this happening last week. He’s been in the league a long time. He’s no stranger to being called a b*tch on the court. He just did what he had to do to give his team one more chance. Trust.

    2. Cavs were never going to win. Golden State is even better than they were last season. That bench is just way too deep. LMBO.

  4. She’s pissed and she has every right to be. She could have tweeted a lot more but she kept it classy. And telling Ayesha to be quiet like Savannah is sexist as hell. These women are individuals at the end of the day and they can tweet what they wish as long as it isn’t disrespectful. I’m sure Steph is pissed and she’s just saying what he can’t say.

  5. I can understand why her and the Warriors fans are pissed because Draymond shouldn’t have been suspended for the incident with Lebron. But lets keep it real Draymond has gotten away with a bunch of shit in the playoffs and should have been suspended for prior incidents so they not getting any sympathy from me they still going to win the series anyways.

  6. Honestly she doesn’t say much. She’s upbeat and positive. But people attack her on social media. It’s not unreasonable for her to give a response on occasion. People are talking about that woman that was lustfully looking at her man and how she has better seats than ayesha at the games, roasting her husbands shoes and @ing her, and calling her daughter names…. she’s a better woman than me

  7. I’m honestly not mad Draymond was suspended. All this did was make LeBron look worse and now other dudes in the league are coming out and calling him out for it. He thought he made a chess move but he really made himself look weak. If he loses tonight, he can kiss his legacy goodbye.

    1. It wasn’t as exciting as I wanted it to be. I don’t think it will be until Green returns on Thursday.

  8. Draymond is going to have to be savage and win in Cleveland for his team. Bogut is out, so he has to be ready.

  9. LeBron outsmarted Green and was able to keep his team alive. If the Warriors don’t win on Thursday, they are in trouble.

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